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  2. Thank you! I will try that to see if works. Will let you know how it turns out!
  3. That should be the piano sound preset. Excellent job!!! Thanks for sharing it.
  4. Thanks Scott. So.... if I'm preparing a number of song registrations for a gig,,,,,I can save them under 'All Data' to USB...and reload them to the MZ-X500 from the USB, prior to the performance ....and all my song registrations (tones and rhythms) will be there?
  5. Hello, I have read the user manual and I can not satisfy my doubt. I would like to know how I can modify a part of a track, for example, if I have a track with 20 bars like I do to modify only bars 3 and 4. thanks.
  6. Well, you can try 2 things. 1. Use a high quality earphones to listen to piano sounds. See if you get the harmonics. If it persists then it's okay And your keyboard speakers are also working well. 2. connect your CDP 230 to PC and run some midi app like FLStudio or Garageband. Try playing grand piano or stage grand from the app and route the sounds to your keyboard speakers and then to the high quality earphones. This way you will get a fair idea of your keyboard sound and the original piano sound. BTW in my case the piano sound from earphones is excellent, far better than onboard speaker.
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  8. Stumped by this: I've set up a registration using an 8 beat basic style. I change the kit to EDM 1 in the Mixer and I get the style played on EDM 1 kit, so I save the registration right then. all good. but then if I switch to a different variation of the style, the sounds revert to the default kit! is there a way to save Kit changes in a registration setup? thanks! TM
  9. Hey guys. Have you explored the Registration Sequence feature (Pg. E-46 is the Tut Manual You can save multiple set-ups and change the registration with a pedal press. This may be just what you're looking for.
  10. Hey there: Some preset tones that may be what you want: E Piano Banlk - 047: Tubular Bell Synth Bank - 115 - Christmas Bell
  11. It would be good to be able to save and load Registrations by Bank. -Enabling several registrations to be dedicated to a single song for quick and slick saving and loading of data used within a single song Future Firmware Update?
  12. But can you in turn upload those Indian percussion set? Like I really miss those Punjabi voices!
  13. Hello buddy! I am new to this group and owns a WK 7600! If you need I will upload them!
  14. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. i have recently purchased Casio WK 7600 and I have been distressed not to find those Punjabi voices ( OH Shava and all). Can someone share the percussion set from Casio ctk 7300 In, since both the above mentioned keyboards have got same sample, i.e., .AL. Expecting a reply. Have a nice day!
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  16. Not sure how the keyboard "fixed" itself - so my guess is it was an electronic issue not a mechanical issue. That single key though: That sounds like a sensor issue on that one key. It could be something as simple as some dust or other debris in there that a good blast from a can 'o 'air will clear up, or it could be the actual sensors need to be looked at. Try the can o air and see if that helps (really blast it good from all angles with the keyboard upside down so anything in there has a better chance of falling out) --- If that doesn't work, it needs some real service.
  17. Okay sir, Thanks for the guidance!
  18. MIDI clock was implemented in the latest firmware (1.40) update.... Have you done this?
  19. Hmm...I do not facing something like your issue but want to help you that's why sharing Casio CTK-7200 Manual with you. Go through it hope you will get an idea how to change styles and all. Hope it would be better.
  20. I'm trying ti figure out if it is possible to automatically sequence Registration setups within a song? Whereby different Registrations are triggered as the song measures progress in a preset fashion. -Without having to rely on pressing a pedal to change registration (As per Ref EN47 in the Tutorial). I know some other keyboard manufacturers offer this facility. This would save accidentally pressing a pedal twice and messing up the Registrations sequence in live performance Any ideas?
  21. Sorry to double post but I tinkered about for a bit and I figured it out and so I shall post it here. I'm going to use my drum machine in the example because it's the only one I've ever used. Each pad of the Electribe is assigned to a channel, I think that is a pretty basic feature for drum machines. Seems like the maximum channels for most sequencers is gonna be 16. What I have done is made the Electribe the master, and selected slave mode on the XW P1. But I plugged the midi out from the XW P1 to the Electribe so I can control the oscillators with the XW P1 but use the sequencer in the Electribe. I created a new performance and split the keys into four zones, it doesn't matter what notes. Because I want to use the solo synth of the XW P1 I will not send midi via zone 1. You do this by pressing edit while in the performance screen and choosing midi edit on the second page. Go again to the next page in the menu and turn midi out off. Now the solo synth will play and send no midi data. For the next 3 zones it's only a little different. Go to the next part by pressing the part + button. Make sure midi out is on and do the same for the next two parts. Now you should have 4 zones, one of which is just the solo synth and the other 3 a mix of sounds from the XW P1 and the Electribe/other drum machine. This might be what you want, but you can get rid of the layering in zones 2,3, and 4 by lowering the volume of the respective zone to 0. Now we haven't left the midi edit menu, but we're going to go to page 1. It has a channel for in and out and gen out for each channel on the XW P1, but we're only dealing with the ext in and ext out for zones 2-4. So, while still in the menu, use the part selection buttons to go to zone two. I'm going to assign ext out to channel 1. Now when I play keys in zone 2 I will hear channel one of the Electribe. The method is the same for zones 3 and 4, but they will be set to channels 2 and 3 in my case. Any of the parts on the XW P1 can seemingly be used as a midi controller for all sixteen channels, but this is how you can use the zones to emulate multiple synths at your fingertips.
  22. I am back! My keyboard began playing correctly again on its own after this post. But now I have the same problem with just the F above middle C. It is so very frustrating! I am not sure what to do!!! IT is driving me insane!!!
  23. So sorry the seller won't work with you on this. You next step is to contact your closet repair center to get this looked at under warranty: Hope everything works out!
  24. I hope someone can help me. I live in Papua New Guinea as an expat. I have a Celviano at home. I bought a Privia PX 730 here which had been on display for almost 5 years. I bought it 7 mos ago and it worked just fine until last. One key has become lower than the others akthiugh it still produces a sound... just a little tinnier. What could be the possible reasons?
  25. Hey guys, I really appreciate your answers to my question. I'm back and have more questions. I bought an electribe sampler, I don't need the sequencer on the xw anymore. I would like to use it as a controller and use the solo synth at the same time. It seems like I could make a performance and assign separate zones to the solo synth and have the other zones control my sampler. I know nothing about using midi and I don't plan on adding a computer into the mix. Is this something that could be done? If so, where can I find instructions on how? All I'm finding on YouTube or Google are tutorials on how to connect a controller to a DAW and I'm not using one. Thanks in advance 😁
  26. Hello and thanks for the quick reply! I agree with you on the housing issue, sir. Coz when I went to the shop (from where I purchased: Vadya Sur Sangam, Nashik, Maharashtra, India ), it started sounding normally [I guess that happened during transit (maybe a loose part ??)]. But when I reach home, boo! the sounds needs fixing! Due to this, the seller wasn't ready to repair my product. And just to mention, I take utmost care of my instrument while using and storing (Of course, that's my first Digital Piano!) And I play the piano at medium volume most of the time. (volume doesn't seem to have any effect on the issue) Once again, thanks Sir & have a nice day.
  27. Hi there and welcome to the Casio Forums. I am thinking it sounds like some resonance with the speakers or their housing. Does it sound better at lower volumes and get worse as you increase? Did you buy from a local shop?
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