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  2. My Casiotone 405 has a little fault =(

    Hey Chas, thanks for your reply - you have increased my confidencell to have a look around inside! It's not quite the same on the 405, it's a flick switch as opposed to a push and lock type. So regardless of which way it is flicked, only 1 bank out of thr 2 is selected. I will try some contact spray, that's a good idea =)
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  4. IMNSHO, the primary reason to get an 88 key keyboard for anyone starting out is that they are weighted like a real piano. There might be some 76-key keyboards that are, but not many, and I don't know of any 61-key keyboards that are, except maybe by Nord, which is more than you want for a beginner anyway. IOW, it's not the number of keys but the weighting that matters.
  5. Thanks for that link, Steve, had a quick look. Have updated my first impressions of FB: hints of a much less casual ethos. I'll stick with good old CasioMusicForums for the present. Just keen not to miss out on any future important updates for the MZ-X500, but suppose that any major announcements would be found here on this forum. Cheers
  6. Might be some form of restriction set on Facebook. This link explains some of them. Maybe check if your facebook thinks you are underage or something like that. Steve http://boostlikes.com/blog/2016/03/sorry-content-available-message
  7. Thanks Steve, My knowledge of FB stuff is lacking, I have to say. But tried clicking on that link again with the same result. Also tried clicking on same link whilst already logged into another FB group where I am a member (no problems with that one), but still getting same message using either Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. I'll try again later. cheers
  8. I'm looking at getting a learner keyboard for my 9 year old
  9. I am looking to get one for our 9 year old who is learning keyboard. The main reason is it is 76 note Can people comment on how they found it ? Also it seems that model has been around since 2015 so is it an old model about to be replaced ? Thx
  10. Hi Lobbard, I just tried the link and it works fine for me in the UK. could it be a regional issue from your location I wonder? Steve
  11. Thanks, Brad, just tried clicking on it & tried to log in but with same result:
  12. IIRC, the 405 is the full sized wooden cased version of the MT65/ 68. I have one of each and they're really cool little boards, especially the rhythm section. On both my MT65 and 65, the preset main tone is in two banks, with a push to lock/ unlock button used to switch between the two. The button has a habit of sticking so that it won't lock in the second position. If you press and hold the bank select button, then you will hear the tones selected in the second bank. But the moment you release the button it resorts back to the first bank. Is that how your 405 also works? If not, or it uses different types of switches, the good news is that the switches used are simple and easy to check. Chances are something is sticking or not making good contact, and some cleaning may well work wonders. You could try squirting some switch cleaner into the switch to see if that helps. If not you will have to take the unit apart to check/ clean the switches, which if you are careful and methodical isn't too difficult at all.
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  14. Try this. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Casio.MZ.X/
  15. Well someone ...... .. Maybe I should have stayed quiet about that one, you know keeping it to myself
  16. Hi, CasioLovers, how does one get past this obstacle when trying to join the Casio MZ-X500 Facebook group? thanks in advance
  17. "Just sounds like a real Casio"

    .. either showcasing their ignorance or their negative bias, since the MZ-X500 has all the tools to make any sound you like.
  18. Mzx300 softvers.1.5

    I assume you mean the audio USB recorder. This is the first time I've seen anyone have a problem with the audio recorder. Try another USB drive. Make sure it fits tightly.
  19. Ok. Maybe they just found a total of 1 of them in the back room.
  20. Mzx300 softvers.1.5

    Ich kann leider kein Englisch, aber vielleicht kann einer lesen und übersetzen. wenn ich eine Audio Aufnahme starte bricht diese öfter ab....Software bedingt ein Absturz. kommt noch irgendwann ein Software Aktualisierung ? oder sogar Verbesserung.
  21. To my surprise and long indecisiveness the XW-P1 at Thomann got sold out I wasn't expecting that less then two weeks. .
  22. "Just sounds like a real Casio"

    My reply to that post ... "I'm curious what you base your opinion on. I own the X500 and it holds up well with my Kronos 2 and PA600 in my opinion. When hooked up to a set of decent studio speakers the sound quality is quite good."
  23. The quote below is from a recent thread in the Keyboard Corner. Some day with any luck, "just sounds like a real Casio" will actually be meant as a compliment.
  24. What software for music do you like

    Another candidate: Tracktion 6. Totally free and a fairly complete DAW. It even supports third-party plug-ins (VST and AU) unlike the free version of Studio One - Studio One Prime - that doesn't.
  25. I am glad my post helped other people! An update - it's been more than a month since I fixed my issue, and the keyboard worked well all this time. Just in case I ordered more replacement contacts (to be able to completely switch to new contacts if needed), but so far the rest of the old pads worked fine.
  26. Thank you very much for your helpful post. I have the same keyboard but only one key was affected. I purchased all 7 strips from PacPart, tore down the whole thing and replaced the strips. Piano plays like new again! I had been chasing this problem for over a year before I found your post. I'm guessing every Casio piano is built this way and this fix probably would work for 90% of these issues. Thanks again for your help!!
  27. Ignore Start/stop MIDI command?

    When the XW-P1 is in slave mode it cannot ignore the Start and Stop system messages. The only thing I can think of as a workaround is to use a step sequencer pattern that does nothing (empty so you hear nothing when it starts) or a pattern whose first step in one of the control tracks is to stop itself (by addressing a knob programmed to send the Step Sequencer Start/Stop NRPN command MSB with a value of zero). If you still need the XW-P1's step sequencer at some point in what you are doing you can switch to an active pattern after your iPad sequencer has started and start the pattern manually.
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