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  2. Greetings, hope you can help a Tablet Novice on this matter, please. Would the cheaper Tablets (approx £50 new on Amazon et al), be suitable for reading Casio manuals in PDF format? Assuming most tablets have a memory card for transferring the PDF file from my desktop to the tablet? Windows 7 user, no wireless Internet, just Virgin cable internet, not bothered about using tablet for anything other reading manuals. Thanks for any tips
  3. Disabling internal sounds in PX-5S

    2 options, At the system level, press system settings/midi/local cntrl/off. At the stage setting level, press edit/stage setting/zone/midi/gen out/off. Repeat for other zones if you wish. Write the stage setting. The second option will give you a go-to stage setting for when you want the internal sounds off.
  4. Greetings, I know I asked this question in the past but can't find the answer in my notes. I have a PX-5S and like to play it through some piano software I have (like EZKeys, Ivory Pianos, etc) and even if I have the PX-5S volume turned off, I can still hear some of the built in sounds. I want to disable the internal sounds when I use my other software. How can I do that? I've spent about an hour looking through the manual and going through the menus on the PX-5S and just can't seem to find it. I remember it's a simple setting somewhere. Thanks, Jim
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  6. How do I turn off the onboard speakers?

    System Settings: Toggle Speakers On/Off
  7. Una Tarde de Mar

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  8. yamaha midi files

    Hi, and welcome. This might be useful, scroll down to Rick Sterling's post on this thread
  9. Accidentally recorded in system track

    Hey guys I guess I was stupid but I was just trying out on the MIDI recorder on my px560, and recorded the entire piano track of my composition on the system track... And when I was exporting the midi file to my usb drive the track was missing.... I'd really appreciate if anyone can give me some help on how to extract my piano midi track from the system track... Guess that's for not reading the manual beforehand....
  10. Recommend Px 560 External Speakers

    Mike answered your question in the Facebook group. Go to system settings and turn off the speakers. It's at the top of the menu page.
  11. 2 Quick PX-560 Questions

    Mike answered your question in the Facebook group. Go to system settings and turn off the speakers. It's at the top of the menu page.
  12. Recommend Px 560 External Speakers

    Hi there! Can you PLEASE tell me how to turn off the onboard speakers? thanks in advance Lyn
  13. How do I turn off the onboard speakers?

    Hi Everyone, i think I posted in the wrong area. Anyway, can anyone tell me how to do this? I hate hearing that sound when I'm not used to it with my old Tyros. It does everything my Tyros does...easier, cleaner, weighted keys! (I'm a pianist first). I could never get the sustain pedal to even work on the Tyros so I'm in heaven! Midifiles are coming across great....it's just those speakers. helpppppp! Ill send you any midifiles you want that I have! cheers from Oz lyn
  14. 2 Quick PX-560 Questions

    Hey guys I need help! how do I turn off the onboard speakers. I don't like them. I LOVE my PX560 but I think the onboard speakers sound a bit cheesy....the only feature of this monster keyboard I dislike. They are ok for practice, but I want to hear what the sounds will be like when thru a powerful pa. I use midifiles some of the time, and I've been able to convert then over from my Tyros, it's just those speakers! does that headphone jack trick really work (I don't want to cause any damage)? Do I actually use headphones lying on the floor, or will just plugging a jack into it work? or is there a way I can turn them off manually? wont plugging phones in mute the output to the mixer too? im sorry if I'm not making sense...my brain is frazzled. great forum, I'm so glad you're all here (us musos seriously need to stick together these days!) thanks in advance lyn
  15. Summer NAMM 2015

    Hi Lyn. I see Mike answered your question in the Facebook group. You'll find under system settings a speaker on/off setting.
  16. Summer NAMM 2015

    Help! i love my new px560 (sure is easier on stage than my Tyros...plus my back isn't aching from the weight) BUT I want to turn the onboard speaker OFF when I'm live...they sound cheesy and cheap. Then again, I've always had an aversion to onboard speakers, at least these are kind of hidden. But I don't want to hear them when I'm rehearsing with a PA or on stage. ive heard something about using the headphone output. so how? Thanks in advance Lyn
  17. yamaha midi files

    Hello everone....i have alot of self made yamaha psr midi files that i would like to play on my new mz x300....can anyone explain how i do it....and will i have to change all the sounds around to make it work?....thanks...ian
  18. Pad fade-in / out

    Ok, so let's say a possible configuration: - On port A there is upper & lower tones, as well as the rhythms playing (and affected by the fade button) - On port B I map all my pads, one for each channel Then I select the port B as input port and I attach an external controller to the MZ-X so that I can use the controller sliders to control the pad volumes. I will test it in the next days, I think it should work No tricks for the sample-pads?
  19. PX560 as a Master MIDI controller

    I don't need to have Local Off all the time. I want to be able to switch if off and on on the fly... ok, how to do I contact actual PX560 technical support then? There's gotta be MIDI OUT settings beyond those in MIDI section
  20. PX560 as a Master MIDI controller

    There's a system setting called "Auto Resume" that saves setting between sessions. Hopefully that will save the Local Off setting. I can't find any additional documentation about the MIDI Capabilities beyond what's in 2 pages in the Manual. Look's like the conventional thinking is right... the PX-560 makes a lousy Midi Controller. How about an M-Audio Keystation 88 II for $200 and use the PX-560 for it's awesome sounds as a target? I have seen it written that the PX-5S is a better controller. Everything in this price range makes compromises in some area but the PX-560 does a great job in almost every area EXCEPT MIDI controls. Sorry.
  21. Pad fade-in / out

    The input port is selected in the MIDI menu on the keyboard.
  22. LK-230 software install

    Thanks Brad. That makes sense. I'll give it a go tomorrow when my brain has some coffee in it. Rob
  23. LK-230 software install

    The manual is referring to is the driver. This model Casio is class compliant. That means it's designed to use a generic driver for MIDI devices. These drivers are already present on most computers. When you connect the keyboard, the operating system will recognize the keyboard as a MIDI device and install the driver. No software is transferred from the keyboard.
  24. LK-230 software install

    Hi all. New here. Yeah, I know the LK-230 is an oldy, but I'm hoping it's a goody. I bought it used, with a power connector. I'm thinking about connecting it via USB to my older iMac, running Mac OS v10.6.8. The manual (which I found on the Casio site) says that the software is compatible with Mac OS 10.5.2 and later. A lot of software that ran under v10.5.x also ran under v10.6.x, so I'm hopeful this will too. The manual also says this, on pg 33, under Connecting to the computer... "If this is the first time you are connecting the keyboard to your computer, the driver software required to send and receive data will be installed automatically." That seems to be saying that the software is on the LK-230 itself and will be fed to the Mac from there. I've never heard of such a thing before and was just wondering if that's really what it means. Also, if I need a driver update, where can I get it? There are no software downloads on the Casio site for Mac OS as far as I can see. Thanks for any help you can offer.
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  26. Potential Purchaser-Registration Question

    A simple on/off switch pedal connected to the "DAMPER" pedal jack can be assigned the function of damper (sustain), soft, or sostenuto. A continuously variable pedal connected to the "ASSIGNABLE" pedal jack can be assigned the function of an expression pedal, while a simple on/off switch pedal connected to the "ASSIGNABLE" pedal jack can be assigned the function of damper (sustain) for: upper main voice; upper layer voice; lower (split) main voice; lower (split) layer voice. There is no provision for assigning the function of any switch connected to any of those jacks as a registration changer.
  27. Pad fade-in / out

    It's a pity, at least would be great that the global fade could affect also the playing pads, maybe could be a nice addition for a future update Would it be possible to manually fade pads using and external controller? I have seen on the Midi implementation manual (7.5) we can change volumes of each part (MIDI channel), but how can we also specify a specific port? Is it possible? Any tricks for sample pads? Thank you Brad for your assistance
  28. Pad fade-in / out

    Unfortunately the fade button does not work for pads right now. Some options: If your pads are playing phrases and are assigned to use one of the mixer port A parts 1-4 (upper and lower parts), you could setup a knob, mod wheel or expression pedal to control volumes of upper and lower parts. This would give you control over the phrase level. It can also be done from the balance screen. Keep in mind these will affect both the phrase volume and key play volume that uses the same mixer part. If the pads are using other mixer parts for phrases, you can use the mixer volume controls.
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