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  2. Thanks Ted, I haven't had to mess around with channels yet but I did have anvil working to some extent. One thing I didn't know what do was which 'patch library' I should choose in the dialog above when I changed the 'device' in the six column next to where you choose the channel. I'm looking around for a DAW with the best video tutorials for beginners as anvil doesn't really have much. any recommendations?
  3. I think you have to change the Drum kit for every part of the style i.e from "Intro" till the "End" individually. This is because if you change the Drum kit for the "Intro", only the "Intro" part of the style (Rythm) will load that drum kit while the other parts will play the default drum kit because you did not change those kits. (I'm not sure though)
  4. Go to the Anvil Studio "MIXER" page. That is the default "home" page that comes up when you first start the program, so if you just started it, you will already be there. On the track that you want to record to, verify that the track is "armed" for recording, as indicated by a red check mark in the far left hand column. If there is no red check mark there, left click in that box to "arm" the track for recording. This needs to be done before you click the "REC" button to start the recording process. On that same track, go to the 7th column from the left: "Channel", and note the channel number that is in that box. Now, go the PX5S MIDI setup menu and verify that it is transmitting the part that you want to record on that same channel. If those numbers do not agree, you will need to change one end or the other so that they do agree. If you want to change the channel that Anvil Studio is receiving on, just left click in the "Channel" box for that track and select the appropriate channel number from the drop down menu. I have a WK-3800, so I can not help you with the PX5S MIDI set up, but there are others here who can help you with that, if you need it. I notice on your Anvil Studio setup pages above that you selected Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth as your MIDI output device, You can do that, and it will work, but playback will not sound anywhere near as good as the PX5S native sounds, GS Wavetable sounds are generic small, economy and polyphony saving wave samples that are around 20 year old technology. Typically, you would play your recordings back into the PX5S to use it as a high quality sound module. Good luck ! Regards, Ted
  5. I stand corrected. So it is the same as the XW-P1 in that regard. I should have checked directly before posting. I have corrected my misleading comments above. What mislead me is the large space allowed for name entry (of tones and whatever else), much larger than 12 characters. On the XW-P1 the space provided for name entry will only fit 12 characters. Personally, I find the 12 character limit to be, well, limiting. Most names I have wanted to give tones I created (the vast majority of them so far on the XW-P1) I have had to shorten by omitting letters. That shouldn't be necessary in this day and age. Needing to shorten those already shortened names to eight characters for storage on a USB stick or SD card (in the case of the XW-P1) is insult upon injury, so to speak.
  6. Actually, the internal song name limit is 12 characters, not 8. See the 2 minute mark in
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  8. I'm actually having something very similar right now. I'm getting these crackles and pops during sustained notes, live and when using built in recording playback. I do believe I still have warranty so I'm going to be calling Casio up very soon. It seems like a very rare issue though, as I haven't found a lot of info on it online, besides here!
  9. Thank you so much! Never knew that was even possible! To anyone also looking for this in the future, here's what I did: 1. 1/4 to 1/8 into Sustain Port. 2. Aux cable (3.5mm) to 1/8 into PC headphone port. (You need an input device for the aux, a phone or anything with a aux port will work.) That should be all! For the PX350, there's an issue though. The sustain will not stay on when restarting or hitting "Song Recorder". The fix for that is just to plug out either of the inputs and plug it back in, and it will reactivate instantly. It's a minor annoyance, but works.
  10. Anybody? I'm not finding this in manual or Tutorial guide....
  11. After a reboot I was able to check the box to select the PX5S. I actually had it working for moment but I'm not sure what midi options I had changed in the SYS Settings/MIDI menu. Now I just get "no events recorded" when I try to record the MIDI. Does anyone know what I settings I should change in the MIDI menu in SYS settings to be able to record midi and play it back?
  12. That may well be the origin of the limitation but given that VFAT is over twenty years old there is little justification for not using it. What is particularly annoying is that the eight-character limitation applies internally as well, even if you never store to a USB device. (Not true - see below.) If Casio didn't want to use VFAT they could have stored the long file name as another data field in the file (the formats of which are proprietary to Casio, after all). Data storage shouldn't be an issue either. Assuming an increase to, say, 24 characters (and assuming ASCII, which is quite good enough for this application), we're talking less than 12Kbytes of extra memory (Flash) for every 1,000 memory locations (<24Kbytes in total). I can't believe that would make a significant dent in the internal Flash memory resources of these keyboards.
  13. Very good! But the Internet makes answering both questions too easy. Deep Note was created by James Moorer, a digital-audio and synthesis researcher famous in his own circles (I have read many of his papers), for Return of the Jedi at the request of Tom Holman himself (the TH in THX). PS. That virtual coffee I bought with those fake internet points sure tasted good! Or so I imagined. PPS. I reject the various claims made by Pinch, Trocco and Tom Oberheim for analog predecessors. Coincidence.
  14. Is Texas close enough? There's lots of info out there. Here, the FB group, Casio's YouTube videos, and all should get you started. The latter has links to lots of FAQs and videos.
  15. Isn't this due to the fact that the USB device is formatted as FAT? I suppose Casio could implement VFAT or something, but I don't know what that would introduce or if it would take up space they'd rather use for data.
  16. Hey there and welcome to the Casio forums. My old trick for this is sticking a 1/8" to 1/4" adapter into the sustain port. Anything you have with a 1/4" plug on it should work: so a cable or headphones with a 1/4" plug should do the trick.
  17. total agree On my media card its getting rather hard to distinguish between various songs which start with the same word. Come on casio. The keyboard is fantastic in terms of sound but this limitation on the interface really lets it down.
  18. Name that sound. I did this on the G1 and used Mike Martin's G1 Live Clinic from 2013 as a guide. Mike Martin and the XW G1/P1 If you got a good set of headphones? <-- put them on. Name that sound.wav It's not perfect, but good enough. Name that sound. Who made it and why. (that's the tricky part) If you win you will receive 10 fake internet points at a value of $o.oo USD. No coupons and or other offers apply, because it doesn’t matter.
  19. Hey guys! First time here! I'm just wondering if there is any way to put the Privia PX350 into a mode of permanent sustain? (As in Always On) I'm pretty sure it can't be done through the keyboard itself (besides Midi probably), but is there any kind of sustain pedal or such that will achieve this? Thank you for any help, and it's a pleasure to be a part of the community! (Please don't ask why or tell me it's better to not have sustain on all the time, I know this!)
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  21. Tried Anvil Studio and got this warning when I opened the program. Here's what that menu looks like: What should I be selecting?
  22. Hi guys, I want to play around with the midi using the PX5S I downloaded a free program called midiEditor: What I want to do is play a song and record the midi into the program, then correct the mistakes and play the midi back on the PX5S. I'm not sure if what I am doing is correct but I have the PX5S connected to my PC (windows 10) using the USB chord. In the program settings, I can see CASIO USB-MIDI listed for output and input but I cannot check either box. Do you think this is an error or my end because I have not set the PX5S to do what I want to so (I see some settings for MIDI under the SYS Settings menu on the keyboard).. ..or do you think it is an issue with the program? Or maybe I have it connected to a USB3 port or something similar. Here's a screenshot: Thanks!
  23. You have something going on in your audio chain - it's def. not the XW-P1. You will have the same problem with another synth. For the record, the best connection for most keyboards is a simple 1/4" to 1/4" cable into a mixer or amp. Adding cable mis-matches and peripherals only complicate things.
  24. well, no replies, so I did some digging around on the net, and everyone says that I should get a passive di box for a keyboard, not an active. So I went to local Gutiar Center yesterday and bought a LIve Wire passive DI Box. Plugged it in and it cuts my volume down over 50 percent! Not what I want! Going to take it back and wonder if I should try another Active DI box. I am so lost and this Casio needs something because straight into the mixer is not working. It will start off ok, but over time, I lose volume. Weird. Thinking I may need to look for a different synth.
  25. Hello- I just got a PX-5S and need support. I got some initial tips from this site and have requested membership in the Facebook group. Wondering which is best for initial support. Previously had Kurzweil PC-88 and more recently Roland RD-700 and mainly used them as midi controllers for a Motif unit. Needed to lighten my load, so jumped in with the 5S, but need to get up to speed so I can use on gigs and ditch the other equipment! Are there any knowledgeable users from New Mexico?
  26. Thank you! I will try that to see if works. Will let you know how it turns out!
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