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  2. Check our downloads section. I don't know whats there but you might get lucky.
  3. Thanks Brad. I already use backing tracks, and it is for this reason I am looking for something a bit more live and dynamically variable!
  4. I would use backing tracks if you know what songs you are going to play and won't be straying away from a predetermined set list.
  5. Seems like I'd be better off looking at say a Korg micro arranger ...'cept the small keys would be a pain haha! Although the pads on the mzx DO intrigue me and pique the "gear lust" hahaha!
  6. yeah I did the same thing dfahrner - however sometimes things do work even though not in the manual (check a few Roland keyboards hahaha!)
  7. A quick search of the MZ MIDI specification doesn't find any mention of the rhythm variation and ending buttons, so it doesn't look like MIDI control of the functions is possible...
  8. Thank you both! sslyutov, your description is exactly what I see in another PC. But in this PC, there is only the "unknown device". And one more thing. I remember that, initially, this PC could recognize the Casio MIDI when I first installed windows 10. But after using it for a while and also having some other software installed, the problem arose. So, I'm not yet sure whether it's a compatibility issue or firmware issue.
  9. I just want to ask if anyone here has or knows where to find patches for my XWP1 that are similar to the vintage sound of the ARP Pro Soloist. I specifically need sounds close to the ones that Tony Banks uses in Genesis' Riding The Scree. I would be very grateful if someone can give me an answer about this. Good day to you all
  10. Yeah I hear what you are saying there Brad. But if I want pre-programmed I'll just use BIAB Real Tracks No I am looking for totally live. Now afaik the PX 5S buttons actually transmit a program change message when activated, so if a variaton button on the MZ can accept MIDI in, AND the message can be a PC instead of just a CC, then we are in business. In regard to manually using the buttons - well you try singing, playing left hand basslines right hand keys and trying to quickly jump your hand up to a second tier 'board to tap the button at exactly the right time...could be problematic. Although it may be that the MZ was really only designed for home use, (viz yamaha PSR series) with no alternate usage envisaged, in which case it would (probably) be the only 'board,ergo - none of the above matters haha!
  11. 1)If it still works on another computer ...
  12. If the keyboard works on one computer and not another, fault lies with the computer, not the keyboard.
  13. You should think about this more. For one, if you are looking to preprogram an arrangement, that is done on the MZ itself. You can use the midi recorder to program an entire song with intro's, chords, all variations and fill ins to the ending. If you wanna reach the buttons to do it live on a two tier setup, that's very doable since the accompaniment buttons are on the bottom row. With 4 variation buttons that double as 4 fill in buttons, I'm not even sure how a pedal control would be helpful. Also, the PX-5S does not have progroammable buttons. So even if it were possible to do midi remote control of this, it's not a good approach in my opinion. The buttons on the MZX are really the best way. Or preprogram the arrangement.
  14. I am thinking of buying one of these and adding it to my PX-5S. But as it would be on a second tier, accessing the variation buttons while playing left hand basslines and right hand keys could be problematic haha! Although not so much if I am actually playing the MZX by itslef as they are closer. So the question is, can the variation buttons be controlled via MIDI commands, and if so, can these be assigned to PC messages? (as that is all that is transmitted by the PX-5 Stage Setting buttons. Alternatively could the variation buttons be contolled by a footswitch (viz Behringer FCB 1010)? Thanks
  15. One little trick you'll want to be aware of-the PX350 gave me all kinds of trouble with the midi DIN ports until I discovered one very important detail-you must remove the thumb drive, or at least make sure it is unmounted. If a thumb drive plugged in when you power up, assume it's mounted. I have quite a few posts about this in the PX350 forum here. Apparently a thumb drive, which can be directly accessed through a computer usb connection with a computer while the thumb drive is connected to the PX350, will interfere with direct control from another midi device connected through the midi din ports. I have used the PX350 as a sound module driven by a computer or hardware sequencer and it will respond on all 16 tracks-how it responds to another midi keyboard as far as control change messages (bank, program etc.) for individual tones, a little more complicated, I'll let others weigh in or look up my old posts here about that as I don't recall all of it myself. One problem I remember is that you must look up the midi implementation chart for the PX350 to get the correct bank change messages for each "tone". The PX350 will not select many of the best tones unless you send a bank change for that-the acoustic pianos and every other sound will revert to the GM default sound bank tones unless you do that, either live from your controller keyboard, or from a computer or hardware sequencer. This is important since some of the better sounding "tones" which are programmed with embedded effects settings use different bank change messages than the GM tone bank. Hope this helps.
  16. From this log. The system does not get vendor id. I assume that 07CF is the CASIO vendor ID. This more looks like a hardware (firmware) failure. If that is true more likely it is a subject for a repair , since normally firmware cannot be programmed on the customer's side.
  17. In Device Manager I see my PX in the list of Software Devices as two entries of CASIO USB-MIDI. FL - Options->Settings on tab MIDI you should see it there. FL, Studio One and others - they all show it as CASIO USB-MIDI. There are no unknown devices in the USB section of device manager when PX connected to the computer. I checked it on Windows 10
  18. Pretty sure sound source is still AHL (it is on the new CTK-2550, so I'm guessing the all are). It may sound better due to better effects. It's amazing what a splash of reverb and delay can do to make a sound 100% better. It's one of the big reasons the Roland D-50 did so well back in the 80s.. was the first synth with built in digital effects.
  19. Have they installed some new sound engine? It doesn't sound like AHL.
  20. Thank You AlenK. OK, so only one insert/DSP effect for the 4 layers with Upper 1 receiving priority. Any preset tone can be edited and saved, and used in any of the 4 zones, but any insert/DSP effect saved with the tone may not be applied unless it's in Upper 1. Thanks again.
  21. The AP-700 allows saving into USB in both CSR and MID formats from the piano MIDI recorder memory. The issue is that if saving into MIDI was not done (only saved as CSR) before the piano MIDI recorder memory was cleared, there is no way to convert the CSR file to MIDI.
  22. You can take any of the preset tones, edit it and store the result in a user memory. You can call up any preset tone or user tone in any of the four zones (Upper 1, Upper 2, Lower 1, Lower 2). However, there is a caveat: Only one DSP effect block is allocated to the tones playing in the 16 parts not addressed by the accompaniment system (which gets the other DSP effect block). If any of the tones in those 16 parts calls up a DSP effect, you will hear only the one on Upper 1, assuming it calls up a DSP effect. If the tone in Upper 1 doesn't call up a DSP effect I don't know which one you will hear but hopefully it follows the part number order.
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  24. Still considering a PX 560; currently using a Kurzeil Artis 7. I have read through the manual and have watched Mike Martin's Webinar and am still left with a question regarding editing. It appears that only the Upper (main tone) can be edited (although I realize that some assignments can be made through other menus such as balance, etc.). Can any of you that have done any editing kindly set me straight? Thanks
  25. From Casio: "Additionally, users can import song data (MIDI format) into Chordana Play, link to other electronic keyboards in Casio’s portfolio (including the Key Lighting and Standard keyboards) and connect to both Apple and Android tablets using a standard audio cable." The app will be available for Android as well - nice touch! Tablets only because smartphone screens are too small? Other than that, good idea, but still not for me. I hope Casio will have something in the pipeline for Musikmesse. EDIT: Come to think of it - if you can't use headphone out with newer Apple devices, I wonder how that will work without headphone plug ... ;-)
  26. Wow. Clever. Midi out over an audio cable via the headphone out.
  27. Thank you! I've tried these three ways and they don't work.
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