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  2. Hey there and welcome to the Casio forums. Have you tried running the program in compatibility mode for an older OS? See ----->
  3. I need a driver for my LK 94/95 keyboard. I don't have the disk (bought this thing a long time ago). SO i plug it in and want to use it for electronic music and I can't, because apparently not compatible with windows 10 which I have. ANy suggestions or know how of how to get this this thing to work with my windows 10 computer? THank you for any and all help
  4. Bad wording on my part - meant naturally the midi files adapted and rearranged to use LK's key lights in a proper way. I'll look into the instructions and I'm sure I'll manage to do the conversation myself, too. Still, I'd be neat for any new users to have some ready made tunes available here for testing out.
  5. Dave Yes! That should work for you. I used to connect my iPad-2 to my WK-225 quite often with the 30-pin Camera Connection Kit.
  6. re 30 pin CCK camera connector kit I checked with Apple support last night and the only adapter they offer has a male lightning end and female 30 pin. This does not mate with the ipad 2 or the camera connector kit. Kit works fine with my newer iphone. But i also need to connect to the older ipad 2. I just reread the earlier post and did a search and came up with a discontinued Apple product on ebay: iPad Camera Connection Kit - MC531ZM/A part # (282433588247). I ordered 1 & hope it works. Cheaper than getting another iPad.
  7. Awesome! Great job!
  8. Any MIDI file that conforms to the General MIDI (GM) voice (tone) mapping scheme should "play" on the LK-280, as far as the sound is concerned, but they will not properly use the LK "learning" or key lighting features unless they follow a specific format. I am not aware of any sources of "ready made" LK compatible files, but you can see this reply I made some time ago on this subject for doing your own conversions:
  9. Shuffling through these forums it seems that a lot of people have already converted many songs to be compatible with the LK-280. Are there any readily made packages available, or has anyone here made their conversions available for downloading?
  10. Hey Brad, I wont have a chance to check this for a few hours, but it sounds promising as I have been primarily using the Step Sequencer. (I probably should have mentioned that really ... D'oh!!!). Many many thanks (and kindly worded so as to not me feel 'too' stupid). Thanks again.
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  12. Sounds like you are inadvertantly turning on the step sequencer's key transpose feature. Turning that off should help.
  13. Hi all. I'm on a G1 but this could be device independent. A few times recently, I have obviously done something to, in effect, turn off the lowest octave of the keyboard. I have had to perform an initialise to resolve this as anything else I try just doesn't seem to work e.g. Zone low key range. It would seem there is no fault as such (other than fault that can be directed at me) because the initialize has always worked. I felt convinced it was the zone range as the display shows a line that does not extend to the full length of the screen, as it does when a specific range is assigned to the zone, but as I say. Changing these values does not help. In fact I say change because I tried setting an even lower values, but the initial value shown suggests that it was correctly sett anyway. Any ideas much aprecciated, no matter how stupid they may make me look.
  14. Hello fellow musicians, It finally happened as I have been practicing my piano (AP-650) for over a year at night while using headphones : the neighbour downstairs complained about the thumping noise (not connected to any foot tapping as I am very cautious about the noise that would generate at night). My piano is resting two inches away from the wall on a pine wood floor. Our apartment complex is poorly isolated. The neighbour's kitchen is standing directly under my piano so the sound carries through the floor structure to the neighbour's downstairs adjacent bedroom. For now, I am neither looking into moving entirely to another apartment or moving my piano from one room to another as a preferred solution. I have surfed quite a bit for some solution on the Internet but found nothing conclusive. I am aware that the ideal final solution should be a mixed and shared one. For my neighbour : some type of white noise to cover any unwelcomed other low-end noise, ear plugs or... move to another galaxy For me : isolation pads, thick rubber rug, sorbothane, ensolite and eggcrate foams as underlayments, tennis balls, etc. Does anyone have a proven solution that they kindly can share? I need to keep a good and sound relationship with my neighbour. Yet, I will not stop myself from practicing in the evening as my work days oblige me to do so (as much for lack of time, relax & pleasure time and the need to keep sound mental health habits). Thank you in advance, Fred Garvin
  15. Incredibly impressive.
  16. I haven't been able to re-produce this yet, but I'm still trying different scenarios to see if it rears its ugly head. Hopefully if it is a bug, they'll fix it in the next version.
  17. Yes, my Tyros 4 hasn't been turned on in over a year now. I'm actually considering selling it!! I still have a PSR-S900 which works well, but the MZ-X500, XW-P1 and W-6600 fit the bill nicely on gigs. I just recently added the Bass Station II to round out the set. Too much stuff to carry to gigs. One of these days, I got to get a pic and post it of the whole setup. But, I will say, there isn't much music you can't do with this setup!!
  18. Applying a screen protector might mask also these scratches ?
  19. excellent collection
  20. Hi all, and thanks for the responses. I have to say that I didn't really expect or intend to generate a general "what we dont like about the XW" or "what we would have liked it to be", as I realise this had been covered much in the past. However, now I think about it, all these views were quite some time ago, so your posts are indeed the same as mine in that you are expressing your views on the keyboard from a kind of "long term test" perspective, rather than the "recent acquisition" angle of those older posts. Alen. As much as I agree that the XW would have indeed been a superior instrument if it had combined the features of both boards, and I am sure I would have loved the hex layers, the more I think about it, the more I am convinced that this would not have been the 'solution' to any problems that I have. For me, it isn't the lack of whole new features, but more the detail of the existing features that are the limitation. Of course I may be in the minority, and most others may feel your vision would have been ideal for them. I guess this is the problem for designers once you create a keyboard that does more than one thing. Each additional function may or may not add value for any given person, and each feature may or may not be as fully integrated and expanded as any given person may require. Some of the complexity that you refer to I feel is inherent in a deep keyboard such as this, but other parts are not. Anticipating the length of this post I wont give too specific an example, but what I am trying to say here is that yes, sure, people may get frustrated with certain parameter tweaks that really cant be done much better, but I feel I waste as much, if not more time, trying to work out things such as why my DSP settings were ok one minute, but then not ok after a save. If some (well all really) of these 'non creative quirks' (bugs?!?) had been resolved, there would be a lot less pain. The MZ would not be for me at all. Solo Synth and step sequencer were arguably what I purchased the XW for, so again it highlights how a multi-functional instrument can win and lose followers dependent upon the inclusions / omissions. In this case I dont think it would be unfair to say the MZ is a bit like a home keyboard on steroids.. which is great for it's target audience. Cannot agree with you enough though re: the lack of additional modulated filters. Not something I initially ran into so much, but this time around I am really feeling this limitation. This alone almost (not quite, but almost.... well maybe just when I am in a really bad mood) makes me classify the XW as the 'home keyboard' of synths (which I am sure some Casio detractors would argue is the natural order of things). I'll have to take your word on the CZ though. Not something I know much about beyond the love I read in these forums. I would be surprised if I hadnt encountered one in my youth, but probably did not know or appreciate what it was. Gnomo, The P1 was never on my radar, though as it has the solo synth and step sequencer, it really has the 'main' components I was seeking originally. Im sure I'd love to have them as an 'addition' but I felt the Hex Layers and Organ were more adequately represented in my existing setup than the extra features of the G1. Can see where you are coming from re: the need for additional sound sources. Of course, this always depends on what an individual is trying to achieve. Even the 3 synths you list may be overkill for some.... and inadequate for others. I lean towards your point of view, but this is just down to haw I approach things and "why", which I elaborate upon below. Addict. Your comment makes me feel I should give the sampler a little more love than I currently do. I really only used it once when I did the 'sequence' for the Depeche Mode track. I am sure it could help me get 'unstuck' in some situations.The problem has been that I have 2 other hardware samplers, plus the computer (though I dont really use the PC for sampling duties), and have found it easier to turn to those when required. A Little Background (This is probably a little dull, so it isnt really recommended reading - so STOP NOW - if you are already half asleep. I just include it to give context to some of my views and opinions.) Many years ago I used to come up with a few compositions. I have had a bit of recording gear in my time, but really never got much down. In recent years I have primarily been hanging with a jamming group (playing my bass guitar), but I wanted to get back to composition (trying to compose at least). Time, however, is at even more of a premium now though. So I decided something like a step sequencer would introduce a simplified approach of creating some beats to work with. And having a hardware version would be much more instantaneous to use. When I first purchased the G1 I wasnt even explicitly looking for a sound source. In fact, as I say, my BIG priority was the hardware step sequencer. Of course an included sound source was a bonus, and several of my candidates had this. I was looking at things from the beatstep and electribe, up to the Roland JD XI. When I learnt about the Casio it ended up a choice between that and the Roland. Even then I felt the Roland sounded better, but as I have other sound sources and sound was not my original priority, I decided the features list on the Casio (and the price) meant I went for the XW. So in terms of 'what I bought it for' I have to be fair and say the G1 has met, and in many respects, exceeded what I hoped it would do. Of course it is MUCH more than a step sequencer, but as a step sequencer alone it is very very good. However, my intentions and reality often end up rather different. Yes, I would jam along to simple sequences, but I didnt really find myself doing much composition. However I did start to enjoy the potential of the step sequencer which I explored when doing the aforementioned Depeche Mode track. Now bear in mind that, as a compositional tool, I had always intended to use other sound sources that I have available. After all the G1 was a home studio tool (according to my original plan). However, our jamming group has these occasional weekend events out in the country on one of the members properties, where he has a homemade covered stage in a natural amphitheater (it's really cool). And at these events (and some of our usual jams to be fair) people often do songs (covers and originals) in addition to the jam sessions. I took my G1 to one of these and the Depeche Mode track went down really well (mainly because of the age group and people could sing along, more than my contribution I think). Of course though, this made me think I should put together a few more so I had something different for next time. This first track was done entirely on the G1 as part of my learning the step sequencer, but of course if I did another I would still need to use just the G1 as I did not want to be lugging any other modules/keyboards/samplers etc around (I already had camp gear, guitars, amps. mics PA etc). But when I started to try other tracks I began to find there just wasnt enough 'synth' there for my needs. I think I just lucked out on the first track with the sounds available. And it was hitting these hurdles that mad me lose touch a bit with the G1. As I got back into it more recently having decided I probably wasnt trying hard enough I find I am hitting the same hurdles. As mentioned by Alen, the sampler is probably something that could help a lot here. Whilst I 'should' use the sampler more, I rather feel this way about it. If I were doing my own compositions I would have no problem using the sampler as even if I were "stealing" sounds, I would be using them in my own way, in my own arrangement etc. However, in doing these 'covers' if I were to use samples I would feel I may as well record a backing track. I am not suggesting arranging covers is a skill per se, but I only really enjoy doing it if there is some form of challenge, and trying to get the sounds right(ish) myself is part of the enjoyment for me (and clearly a source of frustration too). Still, that's just me I suppose. So I cannot emphasize enough, in terms of what I purchased the G1 for, it has excelled. It is just that it teased and tempted me with some additional potential that, so far, it hasnt 'quite' fulfilled. Not entirely fair of course. I clearly understand that. But one cannot help how one feels.
  21. The material used on the screen is plexiglass, which is very strong but can scratch if not cared for correctly. Being this isn't a touch-screen, you shouldn't have to wipe it at all.. just a blast with some compressed air. I am struggling to figure out how you scratched the screen on the second one within in a week despite all the TLC. Something must have come into contact with it. Do you have a nosy cat? My suggestion: Get one of those cell phone screen protectors from the dollar store.
  22. This was posted over two years ago. Why come back now?
  23. Maybe these were not new. Most new keyboards will have a clear plastic protective screen you can peel off applied at the factory. Make sure your screen is not actually one of these whichare meant to be temporary and meant to be peeled off. Just a guess.
  24. That is correct, the Modes effect what you can alter in the mixer it can alter step sequence each part of the step sequence , in the mix by creating several performance assigning #CC to the knobs and then saving the sequence. With the beauty all effects or changes made remained is pretty cool.
  25. There are some missing elements that would have made it even greater, Still can only add I'm having fun with the XW in the years it's profiled itself as a single part performance keyboard. I wasn't feeling it in the beginning. Actually to me the sampler in the G1 saved it a little. edit *(actually to do what I'm doing with the sampler without it I would need four XW Hybrid engines each with its own performance to do the same thing ) *
  26. As I stated "despite treating it tenderly " and covering it when I am not playing. I am the only one playing and treat it very very kindly. The material is poor. It was brand new. I noticed the scratches and took it back. I got another unopened box and the second on was scratched within the week despite tenderest of treatment.
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