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  • Moog Inspired Set (XW-Series)   By Mike Martin

    • 1295
    It is so easy to be inspired by the Minimoog. Such as classic design and sound that is still sought after today. While being a digital synthesizer, the XW-series can do a pretty remarkable job of mimicking those classic Moog sounds. The Minimoog had 3 oscillators plus a noise generator and although the XW has a 4th oscillator in its Solo Synth engine - all of these sounds were crafted with the original in mind. A set of 10 Leads and basses, the specialties of the Minimoog. Separate versions above for the XW-P1 and XW-G1. Note that by design, some of the bass sounds will only function in the bottom three octaves of the keyboard.
  • Vintage Keys Set   By Dave Weiser

    • 1803
    A set of 15 sounds programmed by Dave Weiser. The zip file contains both Stage Settings and HexLayer tones so you can utilize these sounds within existing Stage Settings. Descriptions of each and audio demos are below. 3Dog Pianet - From Joy to the World, also works for Misty Mountain Hop 80s PopEGrand - From Buggles' Video Killed the Radio Star BeaterReed - Generic gigging Wurly sound, with the excessive highs and lows cut out DWBeater - Rhodes with the highs/lows rolled off, like Ray Charles in the Blues Bros DynoRhds - Inspired by Donny Fagen's Nightfly album Gabriel CP - From Peter Gabriel's Wallflower HeavyFuzzClav - From ELO's Evil Woman, works great for all dist Clav applications Mix EQ EP - A Rhodes that takes up a very thin slice of the EQ spectrum, will work easily in a dense mix. PhasAmpClav - From Bernie Worrell's clav parts on the Talking Heads' Stop Making Sense album/movie [Phaser done with synthesis] PhasCHDist EP - Rhodes with phaser, chorus and distortion ala George Duke late 70s [Phaser done with synthesis] PhasDistRhds - Rhodes with phaser, chorus and distortion ala 70s Grateful Dead, EQ'd to work well in a dense mix [Phaser done with synthesis] Ray Wurly - Emulation of the earlier model 112 Wurly from Ray Charles' What'd I Say Steely Clav - From Steely Dan's Black Cow SupastiClav - From Stevie Wonder's Supersticious Zep Clav - From Zeppelin's Trampled Under Foot
  • PX-5S Xtreme Synth Bank   By Mike Martin

    • 2204
    Leads, pads, arpeggios and more. A collection of synth sounds programmed by Jerry Kovarsky and Mike Martin
  • XW Leads and Basses   By Mike Martin

    • 548
    A set of leads and basses programmed by Jerry Kovarsky and Mike Martin for the XW-P1 and XW-G1.