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  • PX-5S Updated ALL File By Mike Martin

    • 8083
    If I could update the factory presets with new ones, this would be my desired set. This keeps about 80% of the original Stage Settings and adds many of the new ones including the new strings and more. The downloadable PDF file shows the list of the Stage Settings. Those in BOLD are different from the original factory set. I have also included a number of individual tones (and Hex Layer tones). This aspect of this all file will continue to evolve as I have the time to include additional user tones that I've extracted from the more popular Stage Settings. Keep an eye for updates to this file. Now includes the "Alternate Order" option to have all Stage Settings by category and bank. Bank 0 - Pianos Bank 1 - Electric Pianos Bank 2 - Wurlys Bank 3 - Synths / Leads Bank 4 - Clavs / Harpsichords Bank 5 - Strings / Orchestral / Brass Bank 6 - Organs Bank 7 - Hex Layers / Pads / Synths Bank 8 - Arpeggiated Sounds Bank 9 - Phrase and Arpeggiated Sounds Instructions for loading: This file can only be loaded directly from the PX-5S. The editor can not be used. Put the download file on a USB drive in a folder called "MUSICDAT" Put the USB drive in the PX-5S. Press and hold the MEDIA button the PX-5S for 2 seconds. From the display select LOAD, then scroll down and find ALL from the menu and press ENTER. Use the No/Yes buttons to choose the file you want to load, then press ENTER.
  • Wurli Cruzr2 By Mike Martin

    • 935
    A new 5 velocity Wurlitzer sound with some extra bark at high velocities.
  • DistDynoEP JK By Mike Martin

    • 1166
    A new Rhodes EP with some extra added bark. Collaborative effort between Mike Martin and Jerry Kovarsky. Since Jerry but the final touches on it, he gets his name on it. V2 added with tremolo on the Modwheel.
  • PX-5S Xtreme Synth Bank By Mike Martin

    • 2308
    Leads, pads, arpeggios and more. A collection of synth sounds programmed by Jerry Kovarsky and Mike Martin