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Queens solo-synth Break Free. 1.0.0

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About This File

First attempt to create synth sound from "Queens Break-Free" 

Queen allegedly used Oberheim OB synth to create this,

The G1 has Oberheim samples for both the synth and PCM parts 

within the solo-synth.  


For the synth part its 0087 - 0101

For the PCM part  its 1767 - 1781 


I've tried to figure out how to make that rich fat sound but I can't 

identify it yet. However I've found using sample 0046 MG Square L

for synth part a better option to come close at it. 


So I'm guessing its a square wave and now have to figure out how 

to fatten it up and to make the sound glide down. maybe using portamento

but a single stroke from the last note going down a few octaves also work. 


(work in progress)

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