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Phrase Selection Using Pattern Buttons 1.0.0

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About This File

Here is an example of a technique for selecting phrases for playback using the XW synth's pattern buttons. It should work on both the XW-P1 and the XW-G1. There are two required components in the zip file: a Performance and a step sequence. Load them where you want to in your XW synth. Now edit the Performance to point to the step sequence. If you want to use your own phrases rather than the presets in the example you will have to edit the step sequence accordingly. Before editing be sure to read this post and section 5.2.2 of The XW-Companion, Volume 1 (Rev 4 or later) to understand how it all works.

To use the Performance hit the STEP SEQ button. Now press a pattern button and hit START/STOP or the optional foot pedal configured to do the same thing to start playback of the selected phrase. Most of the phrases in the example are programmed to play Part/Zone 1. However, several play a different part chosen from parts 8 to 16. Also, most of the phrases play just once but one of them is programmed to loop endlessly. Hit START/STOP or the foot pedal again to stop it.


NOTE: In order for phrases to play only once rather than repeat endlessly it is necessary to set "S.Seq NRPN" to "On" in the MIDI Settings menu; see page E-70 in the XW-P1 User's Guide or page E-82 in the XW-G1's User's Guide. This is a global setting that is not stored in a Performance hence must be enabled manually. 

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