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Smooth Crossfading in a Hex Layer Tone 1.0.1

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About This File

The attached zip archive contains two examples of crossfading between two waves in a Hex Layer tone. Crossfading is a much smoother way to transition between two waves with playing force than velocity switching. 


In these examples the crossfading occurs between two waves that are sampled from the same instrument and which are used for the velocity-switched "60's E.Piano" PCM melody tone (P2-0 in the PCM Piano category). One sample was presumably recorded from a low-velocity strike; the other from a high-velocity strike. A key feature of the crossfading is that the full dynamic range of the instrument is maintained over the velocity range. 
One example—3-SEG_XF.ZLT—uses all six layers while the other—2-SEG_XF.ZLT—uses only four layers, leaving the final two layers available for introducing other waves. Two additional files are included in the zip archive: TESTVELO.ZSS and TESTVELO.ZPF. These can be useful to test for the smoothness of the transitions between each segment in the final tone. The first file is a sequence that repeats the same note at increasingly higher velocities over the total velocity range. The second file is a Performance that calls up the sequence and the tone. The Performance is required only because the single active track of the sequence needs to point to Part 1 not Part 8. That assignment can only be done from within a Performance. Load the Performance, the sequence and the tone wherever you want in your XW-P1 then edit the Performance to tell it where you put the sequence and the tone.


A full description of how the crossfading is accomplished can be found here.

What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


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