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About This File


Yet another Rhodes Stage Setting. The velocity response on this one is completely different from anything else in the PX-5S. It has a very nice soft touch but is also very expressive.

Stage Setting HerbiesRoadz.ZPF and HexLayer (TouchEP1.ZLT) included.


Slider 1: Distortion Gain (Off by default)

Slider 2: Speaker (Bypassed by Default)

Slider 3: "Bell Tone"

Slider 4-6: Standard Effects.

Knobs 1-4: EQ

Stereo Tremolo is done using the Arpeggiator. :) If you want to turn it off just press the Arpeggiator button...no depth control sorry. But you can adjust speed with TEMPO.


New version with Phaser also attached.

Audio Demo:


What's New in Version V1.1   See changelog


  • - Slight adjustment to dynamics.
  • - Increased range of slider 3 for bell tone.
  • - Increased range of slider 6 for Reverb
  • New Variation with Phaser effect instead of distortion.