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About This File

This is a 'real church' organ stagesetting.

The goal was to create a detailed church organ sound, with not only the full power of the organ, but also the subtleties from blending different stops or retracting them.

To get this to work you need to download the stagesetting 'CHURCHORG'

I have added the separate hex layers also, eventhough they aren't necessary in order to function.

The layers act as different organ stops.

You can see the organ stops as different sounds which can be added to each other. Add layers (stops) by pulling down the sliders!

The stops in this stagesetting:

S1 -- 16' principal

S2 -- 8' Flute

S3 -- 4' principal

-- the above first 3 stops are making a base layer

S4 -- 3' mixture

S5 -- 3' nazard

S6 -- 8' trumpet

-- these 3 above give a different blend to the mix

K4 -- 8' voix céleste (slightly detuned sound, to create a wavering human voice effect).

-- I consider the above stop a solo register, not to be used with all the rest together, which is why it's on knob4. However you can blend the voix céleste nice with the flute or the principals.

K1 -- controls the amount of reverb. If you play in a church you wouldn't need reverb (but then again you'd have a real church organ, no?)



Stops used here: in the beginning a tutti (everything except voix celeste), then only voix celeste, then flutes. Was a quick record, without any rehearsal, it shows at the end :-).

What's New in Version 1.2   See changelog


  • I have changed the sliders to act as volume controllers. But if you slide them completely up, they set the sound off. This means if you hold a key and slide the slider back in again, it won't give a sound untill you repress a key. This is to enhance the polyphony.
  • Also I've set the sustain pedal off.
  • Improved filtering.
  • Improved bass sound.
  • Improved mixing, the mixture was too loud all the way pulled down.
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