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About This File

A new organ Stage Setting - 6 sliders for the first six drawbars properly tuned like a Hammond organ.

This Stage Setting fixes a major issue compared to the factory "drawbar" stage Settings and is a major improvement.

Sliders 1-6 Drawbars

Knob 1 - Overdrive

Knob 2 - Chorus/Vibrato

Knob 3 - Delay

Knob 4 - Reverb.

If you're using the PX-5S with a Vent / Burn or other Leslie simulator simply bypass the PX-5S internal rotary simulation or set the speed default to "brake" so the chorus/vibrato

New version uploaded - adjusted distortion and speed settings. Slider 6 is now 1' drawbar.

What's New in Version 2   See changelog


  • 6Draw Organ fixed for clipping.