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About This File

NOTE: The website would not let me upload the step sequence with the correct extention of .ZSS, I had to change it to .ZSQ to upload it. So if you download it you will have to change the file extention from .ZSQ back to .ZSS the correct file name extention.


This is the StepSequence with a new user configuration called GrooveBox 1.

I had an issue using the XW-G1 factory settings for the StepSequencer as a groovebox. The issue is I want to use the sliders to turn the parts on & off with all drum parts and the bass guitar part on the same group of sliders. The factory setting has the kick drum on slider 8 in the first set of sliders (1-8 sliders) and the other drum parts on 9-12 sliders and the bass guitar on part 13.

So I created a new user step sequence configuration with the parts moved around a little. I moved the kick drum from slider 8 (part 8) to slider 13 (part 13), the bass guitar from slider 13 (part 13) to slider 14 (part 14), and solo 1 from slider 14 (part 14) to slider 8 (part 8). I could not change the part names. The part 8 is still named "Drm1" even though it is now "Sol1", part 13 is still "Bass" even though it is now "Drm1", and part 14 is still named "Sol1" even though it is now "Bass".

Instructions for use:

1. Press the "STEP SEQUENCER" button

2. Press the "SELECT" button to select sliders 9-16

3. Create a sequence by turning the buttons off & on for the parts 9-16 as usual

4. While playing the sequence, Press the "MIXER" button to bring up the mixer menu and make sure "Part" is selected so the sliders turn on & off the parts. Slider up turns on the part & slider down turns off the part

What's New in Version 1.0


  • GrooveBox user StepSequencer configuration with kick drum on part 13, bass guitar on part 14, and solo 1 on part 8

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