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    new Korg Pa700

    From my perspective Casio need their customers to start to look at them as a professional supplier rather than just a cheap consumer supplier as perceived here in the UK so I doubt that they will react to this at all, merely look at what is being offered and try to gauge how the customer respond and what sales are made using this information as a guide for any future designs and developments. In my opinion Casio need to concentrate more on promoting their current line up better first. For example the MZ-X300/500 is not even sold in the UK and to tempt the pro's they will need to show a steady release of more rythm/styles plus get more 3rd party developers to buy into development of them. Steve
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    Of course, the Hex Layer engines in the PX-5S, PX-560 and X500 are much more advanced than the Hex Layer engine in the XW-P1, with the one in the MZ-X500 having the most parameters as Brad pointed out in another thread. Additionally, the X500 Hex Layer Engine can, uniquely, operate in monophonic modes. (Monophonic operation on the XW-P1 is accomplished with its dedicated solo-synth engine instead, which has multiple features missing from the monophonic X500 Hex Layer modes.) However, there are some points of essential similarity. You are in all cases combining six components, each with its own pitch control, filter control and amplitude control. The degree of that control is what differs between the models. None of the components in any of the Hex Layer engines can interact or modulate any of the others. That is different than the XW-P1's solo synth, which provides hard sync between two of its oscillators. Also, the oscillators in the Hex Layer engines don't allow for pulse-width modulation (PWM), which is another feature offered by the XW-P1's solo synth. So I do believe that enough of the essential principles of Hex Layer programming translate between models. The XW-P1 would likely to be the "odd man out" in conversations despite being the first to implement a Hex Layer mode. Sometimes coming out first means getting all the arrows.
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    Name Title

    blueprint Welcome to the Forum and to the world of Casio ! To save a User Tone or a User Phrase, you need to press the "Write" button to enter "Write" mode (obviously). When you first come into "Write" mode, the display cursor will be located in the upper right corner of the display screen ( as indicated by the heavy brackets: [[ xxx ]] ) and will be enclosing either the User Tone number or the User Phrase number, depending upon which you are saving. At this stage, you need to press the Down Arrow button to move the cursor down to the "Name" line, which activates the "Naming" mode. From that point, you can use the alpha-numeric characters above the Tone Number buttons to enter the Tone or Phrase name of your choice. Use the Left/Right Arrow buttons to move the cursor to the existing character you want to change, then use the Data Wheel or the + / - buttons to change that character to the character that you need at that location. The "naming" process is an integral part of the "Write" (save) procedure, so if you have items that you have already saved with the default system names, you just need to select them and then go through the "Write" process again, in order to rename them to something of your choice. If/when you do this, you will probably need to temporarily change some parameter (increment then immediately decrement it to its original value), in order to make the editor think you have changed something, so that it will allow you to save it again. Instructions for "Writing" (saving) either User Tones or User Phrases begin halfway down the left hand column of Page E-13 of the manual and countinue through the right hand column of that page. The instructions refer to naming/saving User Tones, but the same procedure applies to naming/saving User Phrases. The instructions for naming/saving User Phrases on Page E-48 refer you to this section for that process. The manual refers you to Page E-12, but for the specific "naming" procedure you need the instructions on Page E-13, mentioned above. Good luck and enjoy your XW-P1 !
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    Rick Sterling

    Harmony upper 1/2 Lower 1/2

    Great, glad that's sorted. You'll find the X500 has a zillion degrees of freedom when it comes to the depth of controls & adjustments. Loads of fun!!! ;-)
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    You , sir, have a future career in comedy (if the music thing doesn't work out).
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    Well I "almost" got one! - From Bax

    Without a power supply MrSteveVee has, essentially, half a B. Accordingly, without further ado:
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    Guten Morgen! "I have watched Ralph Maten so many times I am starting to learn German!" That is hilarious! I had the same feeling watching Ralph!
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    2 Quick PX-560 Questions

    Mike answered your question in the Facebook group. Go to system settings and turn off the speakers. It's at the top of the menu page.
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    Amado Jose


    We are urgently in need of a new update to correct errors, is there anything foreseen?
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    PX-560 Tutorials

    I have collected in this thread all of the English-language PX-560 tutorials from Casio to date, including the live online webinars done by Mike Martin. There aren't many but new owners of the PX-560 should definitely start with these.
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    Amado Jose


    Dear friend BradMZ, I thought it was necessary to create another topic, because they apparently forgot to continue with the new update, but let it be clear, is that we Brazilians use the instrument to load user samples, and we do not use the factory bells, so Casio with the MZX offered us would be ideal, but this is not what is happening
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    The Casio Pro 300 was sold in 1992 at MSRP $699.99 AD5 Power Adapter Midi Sustain pedal input 61 full sized keys 100 instrument sounds from 12 bit PCM Casio fingered chord with auto harmonize function Digital effects processor/ 8 presets and 2 user programs Bass refex audio system
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    Metronome Volume

    Ok, with "Auto resume" set to on, the problem is solved. Thanks to everybody ...
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    I found a couple other quirks. I haven't spent time trying to figure out what causes them. Occasionally the accompaniment rhythm locks up with just the drum set and no keys will play. There is no recovery other than a power cycle. This hasn't happened to me during a performance yet but when it does I'll be retiring the MZ-X500. When using the midi recorder and trying to save the performance to a USB memory stick I sometimes get a "no attached media" message which cannot be fixed by simply removing and replugging the usb stick. This is after successfully saving a few prior midi recordings to the same memory stick! Power cycle is required to recognize the memory stick.
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    Ok solved, I buyed another stick and it's working now... I used Minitool Partition Wizard to format the first two sticks (Windows 10 can format only to NTFS and EXFAT) but this new one was already formatted as FAT32 and I didn't reformat it... Maybe there's something wrong with Minitools program, idk...
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    Use of pedals

    Thankyou Luciano I will try again
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    Don't forget we still have the ongoing KEY RELEASE fault: http://www.casiomusicforums.com/index.php?/topic/13347-key-release-fault/&do=findComment&comment=38678
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    This list that Silvano posted is pretty serious and seems like only advanced keyboard users will realize those problems. Anybody with high skills can check his list of problems to share the result with us??
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    Hi Rick, I have imported Yamaha BCS, PRS, STY and SST styles and it was always done automatically with that channel assignments you mentioned, without any tweaking. I am very happy with that feature. Ladislav
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    This is nice indeed. Well, let's see what's next... Thanks Rick.
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    Ahah noted, Got spoiled commenting on the web so I'm a bit lazy and less selective where and how with writing correct sentences. Most people comment emotionally go into the sentences less tentative. And I went with it over time such things happen :-). But yes if he reads this a hex layers forum would be great exactly that way it doesn't matter which hex layer keyboard someone got. Same descriptive way of doing with creating a sounds would apply or techniques doing something etc. So Scott if you're reading this .
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    what error do you have in
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    Like what for example? I'd like to know what issues might be in there, even after 1.50 update...
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    XW-P1, A modern ARP Quadra?

    Cheshurecat, you are right that that the XW-P1 is almost a modern take of the Arp Quadra. The Quadra had a bass synth (Odyssey based), a poly synth (Solina based?), a solo synth (Odyssey in duophonic mode) and a string synth (Solina II). The XW has a Solo/ bass synth (equivalent to the Quadra Solo/ Bass synths), three poly synths with PCM, Drawbar and HEX being being the equivalent of the Quadra's Poly and Strings mode, plus onboard effects (many more than the the Quadra's Phaser). Of course, the XW-P1 does so much more and has a large amount of effects too, as well as the wicked solo synth filter. Definitely a PCM Panini with a cup of espresso served as well!
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    XW-P1, A modern ARP Quadra?

    Ever since I first saw the XW-p1 and read it's feautures, I've always kinda thought of it as a modern Arp Quadra of sorts. anyone have thoughts on this?
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    Hi Egor, I am new to the forum, and own a PX-560 for 4 days, so of course I have an opinion. PX-560 user guide page EN-92: Line IN jacks: input impedance 9.0k ohm, input voltage 200mV. Does your other keyboard user guide give its line OUT jack impedance and voltage? Or can you measure its line OUT with a volt/ohm meter . Keep being careful.
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    80s Hex Layers

    80s Hex Layers View File Some hex layer and PCM tones I've worked on. Submitter mertyuy Submitted 08/27/2017 Category XW-P1  
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    Rick Sterling

    Harmony upper 1/2 Lower 1/2

    Steve, Perhaps you were looking at the Arpeggio controls? Rick
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    It is officially an arranger keyboard. But in reality it is as much a synthesizer as the XW models.
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    Hi all, this is the continuation of the keyboard purchase saga from Bax. Apologies that it is a bit long winded and apologies for my quirky English humour! So last night I packed up the keyboard and delivered it to the UPS pickup point. I then Emailed customer services to inform them that it was on its way before returning to perfect my Ralph Maten impersonations This morning wondering downstairs muttering "Was ist für das Frühstück" when I heard a ding dong from the doorbell, My good lady wife went off to see who it was and returned with.......the power supply!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! How, why! Customer telephone support had said they had not shipped it as there was a glitch. Customer Email support confirmed there was a problem and it had not shipped, Ralph Maten had said "Es gibt keinen Löffel", but they lied, they lied!! It had been shipped, it was chugging away to me all along except no one had actually notified anyone about it Aghh panic panic what to do! I quickly ran outside to jump in the car, heard a neighbour scream, quickly ran back indoors, got dressed, then repeated the manoeuvre! I raced down to the UPS drop of point, keeping to the limits but revving the engine like mad so that it got me there faster. Screeching to a halt I charged into the shop and begged for the return of my parcel waving my receipt manically to the staff, onlookers and a nearby pedestrian. Chastened by the chorus of "back of the line" I waited my turn before pleading with the shop keeper. "sorry" informed the shopkeeper in a passive tone, it was collected this morning NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I left the shopkeep my number in case he had somehow misplaced it! and slowly slouched back to the car. What a dingbat, if I had just waited one more day. Aha! Maybe I could get it from UPS delivery depot. I poodled off home, revving the engine even harder. Back home I phoned UPS. After what appeared to be several years they called back and informed me that they had not actually picked up any parcels from that pickup point so it must still be there. AHA!! I knew it, they had lied as well. Its a conspiracy, a trick, they want to keep my precious! In a half deluded state I raced back to the drop of point and charged up to the shopkeep and stammered in a non stop voice. Its still here, UPS said they have not picked it up, You are wrong, it has not gone, gimme gimme! The Shop keep just looked at me. No smile, no smirk, not even a raised eyebrow. He slowly looked at the corner that had one tiny parcel deposited today, and looked back at me. Sob! it was gone. Winging its way back to the Netherlands and now UPS has lost it too! Yesterday I had a keyboard without a power supply. Today I had a power supply without a keyboard. I thanked the shop keep and drove home. My wife ran up to me and in an effort to cheer me up said "Willst du Sex" But even that failed to cheer me up, and I made a mental not to delete those darn Ralph Maten videos from the recorder I sat in my armchair and quietly cried to myself, my left hand wandered off to find a beer and I wallowed in self pity. The phone rang "Guten Tag" I said "This is the shopkeep. Are you the guy chasing a parcel that frightened away all my customers" "Ya" "Well UPS have just delivered it back to me. Can you please collect as its blocking my doorway" WHAT!!! Yes YES YEEEES! Thank you UPS. Thank you shopkeep. I now have the keyboard and I have the power supply and I am now going to conjoin the two forever and play play PLAY all night Thanks for reading all is trueish with a little exaggeration and maybe wishful thinking with the wife!! Speak later Steve Translations: Was ist für das Frühstück: What is for breakfast Es gibt keinen Löffel : There is no spoon (Matrix) Willst du Sex: Do you want sex
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    A story well told is often well embellished! Glad this worked out for you, with a 3 year warranty from BAX your existing deal was a very good one. It's an amazing keyboard, you're in for a great ride!
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    Hilarious hyper action by Steve! And for backing music I'd suggest a rousing version of Herman Koenig's "Post horn Galop"
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    Hah hah hah ! Picking myself up off the floor! So glad you got your stuff mated! Enjoy!
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    Well I "almost" got one! - From Bax

    Update: I had a call back from the supervisor. We have agreed that the B stock item will be returned and instead I will be shipped a new keyboard with a 5% discount on the full price for the inconvenience caused. I think that this is a fair compromise as although I have lost time (play time!) with a lot of frustration it has not cost me any additional money except phone calls and I will feel happier knowing that the keyboard is really new and not a used one that may have been returned with problems. I have been burned by my experience with B stock! Never again So the order of play will be that I will need to return the B stock, then pay the additional payment before they ship out the new replacement. At a guess this will take a week or so to complete So the good new is that I am still on track to get 500 albeit with another couple of weeks delay. The bad new is that I want to play with it now! I guess I shall have to spend the time watching the YouTube videos on the 500 again for the umpteenth time. I have watched Ralph Maten so many times I am starting to learn German! speak later Steve
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    Steve, Just in case ... https://www.amazon.com/UpBright®-Adapter-MZ-X500-Arranger-Keyboard/dp/B01HPX1LSE cheers, Rick
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    Why WOULDN'T one buy MZ X500 ?

    If money matters, then it's all about what compares for a similar price. Myself I don't care much about the arranger features, and the only other board that made it to the top of my list is the Roland FA-06. However, the FA-06 has one of the shizziest keybeds I've ever felt, and that was a buying decision, refused to be saddled with that action. The action on their x500 may be an issue, time will tell. I've seen that even the same models (variations on the WK series) had noticeably different actions, some better than others, so i don't know if i trust the consistency for their keybeds. There have been some people here who have complained of very noisy keybeds on the X500. I guess i lucked out, mine is relatively quiet, and i hope that doesn't change over time. I have a WK 7600, and over the course of several years the keybed loosened up in a way that makes it less enjoyable and accurate to play (i play noticeably sloppier on it). That said, I've been really pleased with the keybed on the X500, i get decent dynamics out of it and feel in control. Overall I have to say I'm pretty blown away with the X500. It's by far the most user friendly board I've ever owned (I have a Nord Stage, but that doesn't count, it doesn't have a sequencer, etc.), which makes learning it and discovering what it can do pretty natural and fun. The onboard speakers are surprisingly powerful- at first i didn't think so, but then i discovered it has bass eq assigned to one of its knobs, and that brings the full sound forward. And the hex layers are a blast, with the six "organ" sliders you can adjust the volume of each of those layers and create your own Hex tones pretty easily. And the pads feel great, once again, good dynamic sensitivity for playing expressively with your fingers. And ther quality of sounds- hard to quantify, but overall they're big, full sounds, and the efx are really decent Is money a major consideration for you, and if so what are the contender boards you're considering? And what do you use your keyboards for? Randy
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    Why WOULDN'T one buy MZ X500 ?

    I wonder what's the catch? You asked there is none but in name simple as that Casio has to offer more for less money due to "real musicians" sneering at name if you remember Casio FZ 1 sampler (I had one ) it was most advanced for its time 16 bit sampling when others had 12 bit only and cheaper with very good keybed multiple outputs etc and it wasn't successful not because of quality but as I said above name. Now how many of people in this forum would buy Casio with 76 keys like Privia and 10 gig of samples all bells and whistles but for serious price like Kronos or Montage even though quality would be the same🤔. So there is no catch just a lot of features for not much money.
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    Well I "almost" got one! - From Bax

    Hi there Steve, My opinion: Leave it to BAX to send you the missing PSU, ask for express delivery on that, since the new keyboard is useless without one. I'd be pretty miffed about having no power supply with a new keyboard (B stock or not). Naughty BAX, what were you thinking? Have you repacked it? If not, gently clean the screen and lightly tap it with the back of your fingernail, you'll find there is a bit of 'give' in it, as Brad mentions with this kind of screen. Regards the manual, (Casio CTK mentions this), yes, mine came just with the basic manual, but the Tutorial one is a PDF download, as is the case these days for many keyboards etc from most manufacturers. Personally I like to print out the manuals and get 'em bound at the local printers. The music stand is a bit flimsy but does the job, not that I use one. I believe that 'B Stock' can be (a) shop display item re-boxed or (b) a keyboard that has been purchased but returned via the generous trial periods that some main dealers now offer. Even if it were (b), with the BAX warranty, you'll be okay. Keep us informed with your experience with the BAX UK and your new Casio MZ-X500. cheers and good luck
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    Why WOULDN'T one buy MZ X500 ?

    For the money nothing better out there so I would buy it again. Creativity is up to musician not instrument so for me MZ can do all I need and yes I would buy Kronos or Montage if I could to have it why not. Would my music be better I doubt it. Question is can MZ do what I need ?
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    Why WOULDN'T one buy MZ X500 ?

    For not buying X500 there are not only expectations missed by it. Sure there are such high demanding people. But there are also people with lower expectations/demands, maybe less creative with songs, tones and rhythms (like me), who don't nead hex layers and many illuminated multifunctional pads with chord progression. For them there is X300 here.
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    Arise, AlenK! A simple bow or curtsy would suffice. But as you're down there, you may shuffle forward and kiss my c-c-Casio.
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    Hey Chris / songwriter2015, Since I was first to welcome you to the group, I now call on you to reconsider. Permission to walk away is hereby denied. And speaking as the first contributor to this MZ-X' forum (see my posting March 3 2016), you'll appreciate my high credentials: Would appreciate everyone standing as I enter the room; or just a quick tug of the forelock (or wig) would suffice. On with the show, Chris. Your garrulous enthusiasm is highly valued here. Now, where's that Mike Martin of Casio. I'm still waiting for those tutorial videos he promised.
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    Can I make a case for peace? Less than flattering words have been exchanged by everyone here (myself included - my apologies once again, I went too far). I'm sure none of us intended those words hurtfully. We all just want to make music, right? The thing about these Casio keyboards is that Casio throws so many features into them they can be downright confusing to learn even if the manuals were sterling examples of clarity which, most of us agree, they're not. On top of that we've got people out in the wider world who talk down about Casio, the company's products and by implication (or directly!) those who choose to use them. We're pretty much on our own here. So let's agree to set differences aside and just help each other. Okay? Group hug everyone.
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    Walt from NC

    Hollow Strings

    Version 1.0.0


    This is a custom Hex Layer tone using all 6 heavily edited layers (Sine from scratch, Synth Voice, White Noise, Strings x2 and Pad). Has a slight swell built into it. Good for Praise Band or any type of music requiring something different and mood setting. Hard to believe this is one Tone in the PX5S..... Casio Privia Pro PX5SHex LayerPadCustomOriginal
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    What you use it for MZ 500/300

    I'm using the MZ-X500 to produce music and I'm finding this incredible instrument very inspiring.... well, to be honest, it inspires too much! In fact when I play the MZ-X500 I fall always into random jam sessions Fortunately this keyboard can record WAV and MIDI with just a button press, so I can freeze all those ideas that I get while playing It's the most amazing and fun keyboard I've ever owned, no doubts on this!
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    Settings for a sweet sounding piano

    Found a video proving instructions for setting up a sweet sounding Stereo Grand Piano. Here you go, enjoy!
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    Version 1.2


    This is a 'real church' organ stagesetting. The goal was to create a detailed church organ sound, with not only the full power of the organ, but also the subtleties from blending different stops or retracting them. To get this to work you need to download the stagesetting 'CHURCHORG' I have added the separate hex layers also, eventhough they aren't necessary in order to function. The layers act as different organ stops. You can see the organ stops as different sounds which can be added to each other. Add layers (stops) by pulling down the sliders! The stops in this stagesetting: S1 -- 16' principal S2 -- 8' Flute S3 -- 4' principal -- the above first 3 stops are making a base layer S4 -- 3' mixture S5 -- 3' nazard S6 -- 8' trumpet -- these 3 above give a different blend to the mix K4 -- 8' voix céleste (slightly detuned sound, to create a wavering human voice effect). -- I consider the above stop a solo register, not to be used with all the rest together, which is why it's on knob4. However you can blend the voix céleste nice with the flute or the principals. K1 -- controls the amount of reverb. If you play in a church you wouldn't need reverb (but then again you'd have a real church organ, no?) Example: https://soundcloud.com/pieter-jan-lanssens/realistic-church-organ Stops used here: in the beginning a tutti (everything except voix celeste), then only voix celeste, then flutes. Was a quick record, without any rehearsal, it shows at the end :-).
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    Tones from a beginner All tones except VA Thing are made by layering the same wave and playing with detune and fine tune. "Tyrian" is an attempt to emulate the sound from Alexander Brandon's music from the good old space shooter, Tyrian 2000. Set the cutoff to -40 for a more subtle tone. VA Thing is a bit unfinished, since it uses only 3 layers, the others are muted or turned off. Any constructive suggestions on how to improve these sounds are more than welcome. Have a nice day !
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    Broadway Shuffel

    Version Kris Nicholson


    Here is a Origianl Bradway Suffel that i Created for the WK Series this work well with the WK-7500 series and WK-7600 series