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    On the PX-560, if you tweak a performance setting - maybe you've un-split the keyboard, or maybe you've made some deeper edits - the blue lit bank button goes out. I can look to the LCD to see what bank I'm using, but no longer know if it's button 1, 2, 3, or 4. I assume that's Casio's way of letting us know the setting has been modified. Can't tell you how much I wish it would not do that. To me, it makes it harder to keep track of what you're editing, or just to know what performance setting you've been using. Any chance of a firmware fix for this? Thanks!! **I originally posted this in the Facebook group (permalink here) and got affirmation on the issue. Someone suggested I repost here. Hope that's OK. Basically, I and some others are asking for a firmware fix for what we've feel is an annoying issue. The fix would involve making the registration bank button blink when you've make a change to a performance setting rather than having the button light (blue) go out completely. This is a big problem if you've made an edit that you now wish to write but lost track of the setting you were editing because none of the buttons (1, 2, 3, or 4) are lit. A blinking light would solve the issue. Thanks for reading!
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    No no noo my XW is behaving strange on me buttons are not acting screen is jumping functions on every button action, Me think its slowly giving its last breath, I have to operate it or send it out for recovery before it plugs itself out.
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    It's in Germany, at several shops (voelkner, digitalo, Conrad). The XW-DJ1 is even cheaper: 59 EUR! I bought my PD1 5 months ago for 149 bucks. Now the PD1 and the DJ1 are really cheap ...
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    Okay ... I figured out what to do. I was worried about recording over my song data but then saw the window for " New Data " which actually opens a new " No Title " song screen. Happy now :-)
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    Yes, it would make a nice tone expander module, with the added bonus of being able to sample and trigger those samples from pads, much like the capabilities integrated into the MZ-X models. The only complication is the lack of 5-pin MIDI. That means some sort of adapter would be required to drive it from most MIDI keyboards (like, for example, the XW-P1). That would be an added expense. I think I will just wait for the 76-key XW-E model (E for Extreme ). It'll have all that built-in (he says confidently but with zero information!).
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    Found out its the step sequencer doing for one, The buttons probably got stuck and making contact constantly but something else is interrupting changing octave transpose and tap tempo as well. I`ll do a full factory reset first to be on the sure side.
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    I have been Gigging a PX 330 since 2011 with no reliability problems of any kind & Have just purchased a PX 560 (also just sold a WK 3500 that I got in about 2004 & that also never failed!!) I also read that apparently Casio has the least number of 'send backs' of any manufacturer !!