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    Ahah noted, Got spoiled commenting on the web so I'm a bit lazy and less selective where and how with writing correct sentences. Most people comment emotionally go into the sentences less tentative. And I went with it over time such things happen :-). But yes if he reads this a hex layers forum would be great exactly that way it doesn't matter which hex layer keyboard someone got. Same descriptive way of doing with creating a sounds would apply or techniques doing something etc. So Scott if you're reading this .
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    Cheshurecat, you are right that that the XW-P1 is almost a modern take of the Arp Quadra. The Quadra had a bass synth (Odyssey based), a poly synth (Solina based?), a solo synth (Odyssey in duophonic mode) and a string synth (Solina II). The XW has a Solo/ bass synth (equivalent to the Quadra Solo/ Bass synths), three poly synths with PCM, Drawbar and HEX being being the equivalent of the Quadra's Poly and Strings mode, plus onboard effects (many more than the the Quadra's Phaser). Of course, the XW-P1 does so much more and has a large amount of effects too, as well as the wicked solo synth filter. Definitely a PCM Panini with a cup of espresso served as well!