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    Recently came back from Vegas. I saw that local musicians are using a lot cheap Yamahas and Privia. Just want to share some experience I had: I was passing by a bar in my resort I heard excellent piano. I knew that bands are changing every night, so I stopped to look inside - who is playing and most importantly what he is playing on. Hah. To my surprise it was one person, playing on Casio PX 360. The sound was just like a concert grand piano. Awesome !!!
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    Version 1.0.0


    I've probably spent more time on this Stage Setting than any other. This is a 4 zone Stage Setting set up as follows: Zone1: Strings Zone2: Pad Zone3: Synth Arp Zone4: Piano Sliders 1-4 correspond to volume of each of those. It starts with the volume of zones 1-3 set to 0. Slider 5 is a wonderful stereo panning delay for the piano part. What makes this Stage Setting different is the way each of the parts are voiced. This Stage Setting is "radio ready" or performance ready in that it utilizes a narrow amplitude dynamic range while still remaining remarkably expressive. Pedal 2 is an essential element of this Stage Setting as it is set up to toggle the filter. This allows this Stage Setting to breath. This is an especially unique and powerful aspect of the PX-5S. Enjoy.