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    I didn't have an issue with the Casio download link, either. Hopefully Fritz got his PX-5S working, and maybe can find out later what the issue was with the download, or he just had some bad timing with some internet problem occurring when he needed it least.
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    I'll put it on dropbox but confirmed that the link from the Casio site works perfectly. https://www.dropbox.com/s/l8p6ktk3zbkqhj7/PX-5S_Updater-1_13_141001.zip?dl=0
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    I don't have the data allowances or speeds to download or upload a file that size. I always need to use my local library wifi to download the updates. Perhaps try a different browser or faster connection. Meanwhile, I'll see if I can find help for you.
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    The XW-P1 remains one of my all time favorite instruments. I have actually spent a lot of time with it recently as one of our artists, Steve Weingart will taking his XW-P1 on tour with David Sanborn. The XW-P1 has an amazing quality and character that fits in perfectly with other instruments (including our own PX-5S and PX-560). I also was exploring areas of the XW-P1 such as its HexLayer section which are actually remarkably different sounding than the versions in the PX-5S, PX-560 and MZ-X500. I've tried to recreate many sounds on the PX-5S that I have on the XW-P1 and they simply don't sound the same at all. The XW-P1 also has several other advantages in its wide selection of waveforms that only exist on the XW-P1. Probably the biggest weakness of the XW-P1 is the onboard DSP effects. I find myself using pedals and other outboard gear with it and it is simply amazing.