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    I thought it might be helpful to start a Topic that everyone could add their "wish list" ideas for the next MZ-X500 (MZ-X600?). It seems that there are a lot of requests out there (some software, some hardware) but they're scattered across several threads. I'll put a few of my ideas and others can add theirs. Obviously, each of these are individual desires or preferences and may not be right for everyone. Also, a few may already be on the board, but I was unsure (marked with ??); sorry about that and I appreciate any friendly education. Some ideas will add cost to the board, but that's ok. Just like other manufacturers, Casio could make both a 76 key AND a 61 key for the budget conscious. Hopefully, Casio is already prepared with the next MZ release for NAMM 2018. So here's my wish list. What's yours? - 76 keys (semi-weighted) - better screen resolution - bigger screen .... PLEASE - iPad integration (less menu diving, and Casio wouldn't have to change the screen). - Bluetooth connectivity for iPad. - more assignable knobs - fluid motion on knobs instead of detented clicks. (just my preference) - allow customization for "range of knob" to control full range of parameter; i.e. rotating knob from 7 o'clock to 5 o'clock position changes value from min. to max. - sliders (and knobs) programmable for either "catch" or "jump" option. (catching current value before change or jumping to value when moved). - vocoder (Oh yeah) - vocal harmony option (Oh yeah, in triples) - separate DSP for vocal channel. (??) - add additional Tone and Rhythym group name buttons (currently 8 and 8) instead of combining them into one category. This will make navigating to a Tone or Rhythym way easier. - allow custom naming of banks and registrations for easier retrieval. - create a "favorites" where you can add and recall favorite Tones or Rythyms, by name, quickly. (Registrations kind of do this, but registration changes alters the patch remain and also recalls the entire keyboard setup.) - the ability to assign and customize slider control over ALL levels and balances. (??) - assignable slider control of "layers" and "split" Tones. (Upper 1,2, Lower 1,2) - with Hex Layers, display the specific name of the voice associated with a specific slider in the mixer control. - more onboard memory (256 MB is a little small for some and memory is cheap) - "dynamic rhythym" option that follows players tempo and volume. (Yamaha PSR does this and it adds so much expressiveness) - improve the "Full Range" keyboard chord recognition and responsiveness. Currently, Casio cannot recognize an octave with a fifth. (See Yamaha PSR) - improve the manual, going into more detailed and thorough descriptions of features. - improve "patch remain" to hold previous patch, even through Registration changes or Tone DSP changes. - allow patch/tone remain when switching between Hex Layer Tones, or when switching from Hex Tone to regular Tone. Switching between Hex layers in the "Main" panel works, but not within the Hex Layer sub-category or changing registrations. - add additional "Intro" and "Ending" - Finally, pay Ralph Maten, Mike Martin, Brad MZ a lot of money to personally conduct MZ-X500 webinars.