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    Version 1.0.0


    Here is a demo of the sound you are downloading.... https://soundcloud.com/bradmz/ukulele-strumming-demo-casio-px-5s UKULE2.ZLT is a hex layer tone. UKULELST.ZAR is an arpeggio pattern. Load these two files into your MZ-X500. Select the new Ukulele tone as Upper 1 tone. Enable the arpeggiator and select the new Ukulele arpeggio pattern. The hex layer tone will have the muted strum sound in the lower octave, while the rest of the keyboard will be for open strumming. To play the pattern, use a rhythmic back and forth between your sustain pedal and the muted strum in the left hand while holding chords with your right hand for the arpeggiator to use. Release the sustain pedal and play the muted sound almost simultaneously. To play the strum manually as in the second part of my demo, disable the arpeggiator and practice playing chords in a sweeping motion as if you are strumming with a flat pick on guitar strings.
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    Version 1.0.0


    These are two variations of factory tones designed to fit more easily into a mix. The volume differences between quiet and loud are not as wide, allowing easier blending when a more consistent volume level is desired. Concert Grand 2 brings a new EQ setting to the piano, plus a reduced dynamic range Finger Bass 5 brings reduced dynamic range and faster decay time
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    Version CTK Re-Vamped Kris NJich


    CTK-811EX 8Beat Bank for All CTKs & WKs Here are use the 8 Beats Rhythms I took from the CTK-811EX and re-Mixed for the WK-7600 More Rhythms will be Uploaded in the future All rhythms work with all CASIO LK, CTK & WK SERIES Enjoy Kris Nicholson
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    Version 1.0.0


    A new accordion tone using the power of hex layer synth. This uses factory wave data in a clever way, no new wave data is loaded with this tone.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Load PX-560M SteinwayB Tone in Group Name: Piano Load PX-560M SteinwayB Tone in Upper 1
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    Version 1.0.0


    Grand Piano Concert that is SteinwayD with softer attack, slightly less dynamic, longer decay, EQ changes Load SteinwayD Tone in Group Name: Piano Load SteinwayD Registration in empty location Load SteinwayD Tone in Upper 1 See details in the attachment
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    Version CTK Re-Vamped Kris NJich


    This is my first CTK Rhythm I Personally Re-Vamped to my own liking The Rhythm is originally From the CTK-750 and i took the parts and made it more livelier and have more feeling Drums sound more real drummers feel and grove I re-did the Ending to my original Feel and the Intro in originally from the CTK-750 I created this myself and more rhythms in the future Have Fun Works with CTK & WK 7000 Series
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    Version Kris Nicholson WK CTK


    Very 70s feel Lots of Strings Popping Brass and Glockenspiel His ending and Intro make you feel like a 70s TV Sitcome I created this myself and more rhythms in the future Have Fun Works with CTK & WK 7000 Series
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    Version Kris Nicholson WK CTK


    This is a awesome another Heavy Rock With Stadium Crowd in intro a Cool lead guitar solo in the intro and ending and syth arps Powerful Drums & Efects I created this myself and more rhythms in the future Have Fun Works with CTK & WK 7000 Series
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    Originally available on the blog: http://xwsynth.wordpress.com/2013/02/25/xw-sound-week-todays-solo-synth-6-pack/
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    Yet another set of sounds, this time all Hex Layers for the XW-P1. As you’ll notice a number of these sounds have the initials “CG” in the name. That is because they were done by Christopher Geissler, one of the sales engineers at Sweetwater Sound. Some particularly cool vintage organ sounds in this bunch if you’re doing any Doors covers. So think about that the next time you’re going to make a purchase. Thanks Christopher! http://xwsynth.wordpress.com/2013/02/27/xw-p1-hexlayer-10-pack1-released/