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    Echoing what RANDY said, CARTER, this IS a pretty small group, but there ARE ways to get the best info possible....... ........ for example, the post from COREY, that Randy quotes, is worth anyone's time in reading. I believe, EVERY member tries to be as helpful as they can, but there are, undoubtedly, to my eyes, some members who stand head and shoulders above the rest of we poor mortals!! 😊 Surely the the most BRILLIANT of all such knowledgable members, MUST be BRADMZ, who, it must be said, seems to know the X500 inside out!! 😊 He rarely fails to shine light on the darkness of confusion that some user is experiencing with the keyboard --- And MORE often than not he goes a long way further than that toward solving whatever problem they're experiencing!! 😊 I've said a couple of times in the recent few weeks, that, provided there's the WILL and enthusiasm from members, then there's no limit to how long this Group can continue to offer and receive help...... ...... because, "small" it may be, in terms of active members, but the knowledge, skill, and talent, is most certainly here ---- in abundance!! 😊 Take it easy all Chris