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    New guitar tone.

    Hello guys! I made some mixes and inserted some effects into some guitar tones for MZ-X500. Try it out! GUITARRA.ZTN
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    Need help with my Casio Privia

    If you use headphones with an 1/8 inch (3.5mm) to 1/4 inch stereo adapter, make sure the adapter has not been left in one of the PHONES jacks. An adapter left in either one of the PHONES jacks will cut off the speakers. If that is not the problem, plug in a set of headhones and check for sound from them. If you get sound through the headphones, but not through the speakers, insert the headphones into each of the PHONES jacks several times, in case the speakers/phones switch in either of the jacks is stuck. If this does not resolve the problem, see Page E-24 of the manual to ensure that the Back-up feature is turned off, then power the PX-150 OFF/ON. When the PX-150 is powered ON with the Back-up feature off, all settings are reset to their initial factory values. If this does not resolve the problem, the PX-150 will most likely need to go to a service center for repair. There is no "MUTE" feature on the PX-150, other than just turning the main volume knob all the way down - BTW - have you checked that? Sorry, I should have asked THAT first.
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    Pattern edit

    Hi, haven't tried this advanced stuff yet on my MZ-X (hey, its only been eighteen months), but there's a lot of info in the tutorial manual .
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    Next Generation MZ-X wish list

    Tson, you're right. but the posts about Casio's support of the MZX are also spot-on and relevant: This is a very complex instrument with many different (ideally interconnected) capabilities and Casio has supported it hardly at all. it seems to me the company either signals its commitment to this product line w/ explanatory materials (tutorials, step by step instructions, whatever) as well as OS updates. or it doesn't. right now, Casio is not listening to its arranger customers. it seems like wasted effort to make wish lists for a product that may already be abandoned. we'll know by NAMM.
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    Morning Rituals.

    Since a few weeks every working morning when I'm waking up while walking to the kitchen I also fire the PX5S up, which sits nicely in the living room near the window. It takes time for me to get into gear each morning but getting out of bed is the first step. After turning on the keyboard and either have my cup or not mostly I'll sit at the couch with the radio on my favorite classic channel it turns on at a , specific time and while I do not consciously completely hear the music I am watching the key's of my PX5S while thinking the day ahead but this the thing. Those morning times when I sit on the couch going through my waking process, Five minute or two I don't know I'll go sit behind the keyboard and try a brand new tune something out of no where. Before I even touch the key's I see my hands moving over for some kind of chords and then I'll keep going until a tune is there. And it actually is every morning going through my morning rituals a new tune comes up and it even doesn't require a lot of though or key presses something comes up from nowhere and there it is. Thank to the recorder inside the keyboard when I come home I always listen to the things I've tried that morning which is really funny but in the end it sounds quiet good. Thank You.
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    I would guess because the natural decay time for say C0 is much longer than C6. My question for the OP would be what's wrong with the factory pianos? ;-) I think they're pretty good for this class keyboard, can't compare with my Kronos 2 SGX-2: piano synthesis engine with 12 level velocity switching, but the X500 does OK with 4. (Edit: I originally said 5)
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    I've created INS files for the X500, There are separate INS files for instruments and drums. I've loaded this into Sonar and it appears to be working fine. These files can be edited in a text editor like TextPad to customize the instrument names to your liking or add new instruments in the USER sections. EDIT: I've Posted a ZIP file with the INS files here. Enjoy! best regards, Rick Sterling x500.zip
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    Terima kasha kembali!
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    Nothing yet for the PX-560 but there is a MIDI implementation document for the MZ-X300/X500. You can find it here: http://support.casio.com/storage/en/manual/pdf/EN/008/MZX_midi_imple_EN.pdf Since these two keyboards are close to being the same "generation" there is likely to be (but by no means guaranteed to be) similarities in their MIDI implementations, especially seeing that the PX-5S also uses many of the same MIDI commands as revealed in its own MIDI implementation document (I have actually compared the two documents closely). Between them, those two documents should help your experimentation should you choose to try. We might just grow old waiting for Casio to release a MIDI implementation document for the PX-560. (PS. I tried to paste a direct link to the document when I initially replied on my iPad using Safari but it was turned into an image of the title page that did not take me to the PDF when I clicked on it. On my PC using IE, Chrome or Firefox, the image was not visible at all, just some linkless text. But I can - and did just now - add the direct link using the PC. Weird.)
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    PX-360 max USB memory stick size?

    I own a 350. It was too difficult to split and layer. The 360 is SO much easier. I got my 360 last week and love it!!
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    Logic x wav

    No problem lads....sorted.
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    MZ X500 Firmware wish list

    I see there is a new generation wishlist for the MZX models. I wanted to create the same idea here specifically for the current model MZ X500 and possible firmware updates that users would like on board. I have to gather all my ideas and post them here in comments. Please feel free to do the same, thanks!
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    Silvano Silva

    Why WOULDN'T one buy MZ X500 ?

    The E-A7 simply stands for Samples. Taking the Samples out of memory it's a slightly improved ROLAND E-50. No wonder the ROLAND EA-7ter placed Sampler and have withdrawn the Resources of SUPERNATURAL and SRX.