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    I have collected in this thread all of the English-language PX-560 tutorials from Casio to date, including the live online webinars done by Mike Martin. There aren't many but new owners of the PX-560 should definitely start with these.
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    Next generations, current generations, older generations, whoever we can evangelize.
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    Hi. My first test of CASIO CT-670, my the newest asset, heh. The song's name is "Mikromusikwerk 01". I left the original sound, just added some multitracking for various volume levels (which are not present on the machine itself). The sequencer was ATARI 520ST. Greetings.
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    Rip the CD to your computer (rip setting format - wav) using a media player application. Locate the resulting wav files and rename them using this format "TAKE00.wav", "TAKE01.wav", etc. Copy the wav files to USB thumb drive placing them in a folder named "AUDIO". Now it will play on the PX-350.