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  1. Happy Gnome creations.

    The Dream Of The Drum 1. CASIO XW-G1
  2. The power of XW-PD1 by KitsuneMARO

    Incredibly impressive.
  3. The G1 - Second Time Around

    The XW-G1 is quite different from using an XW-P1. It is more to create rhythms and sounds more easily. But to be "perfect" it would have to be analog modeling. I needed to buy a Novation Mininova and, in the future, a Studiologic Sledge because the XW lack this feature. Now that I understand the theory of synthesis and the characteristics of the XW-G1, it is indispensable for my creations. The XW-G1 is rare comparing it to the XW-P1 and other synthesizers because it is a groove synthesizer. It's great for experimenting and creating electronic beats. The XW-P1 is more "conventional". NOTE: I explain under my "style" of musical creation.
  4. Editing PCM tones whilst using the Step Sequencer.

    Hello, Do you comment in the step sequencer menu? You would have to choose the tone menu to edit your tones. In the mixer there are only a few features to modify.
  5. The XW synths are deeper than you may think!

    Hello: The XW series are unique. I am using them for four years and they continue to surprise me (especially the XW-G1). The XW-G1 is very versatile and has incredible potential for electronic / experimental music. The problem with the XW series is the menu. This type of menu is very complex for a synthesizer with many options. But in the XW-G1 it is easier to use the menu thanks to the sliders menu. The menu of the XW-P1 is very tedious to use without the computer. I think people get rid of the XW for the menu so complex, but deep at the same time. Regards and all my apologies for the translation.
  6. CASIO CZ-101.

    @Stringrazor, Before it was more complex to work with the PC. It was more laborious and more satisfying. And more with a Casio CZ!
  7. Happy Gnome creations.

    Dance Floor On My Head 1. CASIO XW-G1 2. Novation MININOVA
  8. Happy Gnome creations.

    GA - 303 1. CASIO XW-G1
  9. Happy Gnome creations.

  10. Happy Gnome creations.

    Thank you
  11. Happy Gnome creations.

    8013 1. CASIO XW-P1 2. Novation MININOVA
  12. Luv For Synths Luv For Music Is Luminescence.

    Good sounds, XWAddict. You are a highly creative person.
  13. The XW-P1 Companion - Rev 2

    Great! Thank you
  14. Happy Gnome creations.

    Bum BAM 1. CASIO XW-G1
  15. Groovy Loops G1