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  1. PX350 propietary driver problems

    Hi Scott, Thanks for your reaction! I'll definitely let you know if it happens again. It's just strange that it starts happening now all of a sudden (still the same computer, still the same vst's)...
  2. Hi everybody, my name is Ruud. I live in Holland and bought a PX350 last year (as a complete beginner at the piano) and I really like it. I think it's unbeatable for the money (got a good deal for it via English website). I love the keybed (although a little noisy, but other brands are noisy too!). I play the internal sounds via a Behringer (yeah, I know) soundcard to a pair of Focal Alpha speakers, because the sound coming from the built in speakers is just not good enough for me (as compared to a decent set of headphones). I also use it as a midi keyboard to play vst's on my computer. However, this month I experienced driver problems twice. The midi notes just stopped getting into my computer (Windows 10) while I was playing and I couldn't use it as a midi keyboard anymore. My solution to this was to uninstall the (proprietary) driver (via device manager in Windows 10), disconnect the keyboard and restart the computer. After that I followed the directions for connecting the keyboard to a computer as described on page E-54 of the manual. and it's been working flawless ever since. My questions are: Does anybody else experienced this and what could be the cause? I never used the USB flashdrive port (I don't consider my playing worthwhile for recording just yet...), as I understand this could mess with the midi too? Greetings from the Low Countries, Ruud