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  1. Thanks, a lot, Jman. I've seen some other posts of yours. In fact, I almost resurrected a thread that was seemingly the exact same topic back in 2015 that you were helping a lot on. But, when it got to the root of that thread's OP's problem they wanted something different altogether. Sounds like maybe I'm not missing anything. I just wanted to audition other patches with my existing midi performance because I'm tracking all the rest of the band too. Rather than me asking the whole band, "hey, can you guys all play that same passage 20 times while I check out all the piano and EP patches to see which I like best?" I bought this 350 because it's easy to practice at home with, has weighted keys, and is super light for gigging out. I was using a Motif ES8, but it weighed nearly 80 lbs and was about 100 lbs in the case. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. If I can't audition sounds while playing back midi I may have to consider switching to virtual instrument. I really don't want to have to gig with a computer too. I already have enough gear to pack, setup, and hope works as it is.
  2. I'm no newb to DAWs or MIDI, but I just can't seem to figure this out. Windows 10 x64, REAPER, MOTU 828 mkII, PX-350M USB MIDI I can record the Audio (via MOTU interface) and MIDI (via Casio USB), no problem. But, when I set the MIDI track to output back to the 350 all I can get it to play is an organ patch. I recorded while playing... NOT that patch, and I can't seem to get it to play any other patch during playback. Changing sound selection on the 350 has no effect. Changing MIDI Channels has no effect. Please, tell me there's a way to cycle through sounds as the tone generator is being driven by incoming USB MIDI from a DAW. I assume the problem is something simple that I've overlooked. Like that Local is turned on or that I'm in the wrong mode. Thanks for reading!