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  1. Registrations CANNOT be selected via MIDI

    So this is another feature announced on the documentation, yet missing in the final product? Wow ... this keyboard is faulty :/
  2. anyone else getting screen freezes?

    Is this Piano that full of bugs? I've been reading the forums and there are so many complains about "standard" functionality, things that are supposed to work out of the box and they simply don't. I was very close to buying this keyboard when I found these forums. I started reading about all the issues you guys have had and now, honestly, I'm doubting if I should do it. It looks like the basic piano sound is fine. No one has complained about it. So, I'm guessing that at least I'd get a Digital Piano. But if I'm paying 1200€ for a keyboard, I'd like to have all the extra features it advertises. Otheriwse, I can go for the PX360 and save myself 200 - 300€. I currently own a Yamaha P155 but I want to upgrade to a "richer" device. I was inclined towards the PX360/560 because of its friendly interface and plethora of features. But if I'm getting a buggy machine ... I think I'd rather stay with my current keyboard. How often do you say you get these screen freezes? Is it avoidable? Is there a work-around? Should I be considering a different brand at all? Thanks!
  3. Cannot register 560?

    Found this in Casio Europe: https://secure.casio-europe.com/euro/registration/emi/px/ I hope it works for you!
  4. Suggestion for Factory Reset...

    I support this!
  5. Possible Error in manual re efx on input jack?

    Hi Pax-eterna! I can't see what you wanted to quote. I am guessing you refer to the Note of the left-side column that says: " Digital Piano built-in effects (reverb, chorus, DSP) are also applied to LINE-IN terminal Input. LINE-IN input can be recorded with the Audio Recorder. " I am also wondering about this feature. I have seen somewhere else in these forums that this feature never saw the light of day. It is supposed to be something that the manual promises but isn't actually on the device. I hope someone can prove me wrong. Kind regards,