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  1. Well, my memory wasn't serving me well. No dedicated buttons for the sound fx. But after more looking I believe I found the model. Its the CT-637. And appears to be rather hard to find now. And not a lot on this model on the www. Ohh well, I will keep an eye out for one on ebay, etc. Maybe I will get lucky. Thanks Brad MZ. Appreciate your reply.
  2. Hoping someone can help me out here. I have racked my brain searching the www to no avail. In the late 80s or early 90s I had a Casio keyboard that I loved. Unfortunately I can't remember the model #. One thing that I think may distinguish it from others is that (if memory serves me correct) it had about 5 buttons that were dedicated to sound effects. I remember "Rain" Thunder" "Waves" and I think a Train or locomotive sound, and maybe birds? I am positive about the Rain a Thunder and waves. If anyone remembers this or could point me in a direction I would be thankful. Believe it was a tone bank model. Had the greatest sounding Synth Strings I ever heard. I am back to recording music and would love to try to find this one again. Thanks for your time. Bruce