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  1. Problems sending MIDI messages to a DAW

    I posted yesterday that I found the problem. You can read it if you like, so I don't have to reiterate. And thanks for your input. They were certainly valid points, but it came down to something a lot simpler.
  2. Setting up PX 350 as Optional Midi Controller

    Here's what I found out through trial and error. The PX-350 works with my DAW (Tracktion T-7.2.1) if I unplug the USB MIDI cable and go with the the two DIN's ONLY. The DINs connect to an Akai EIE Pro interface. The local control on the piano can remain on if you'd like. Simply turn down the piano's volume control to get the full sound of the synth in the DAW. Now if I want to control a stand-alone VSTi with the DAW off, I reconnect the USB MIDI cable, and disconnect the two DIN plugs. Nowhere in the manual is this mentioned. Actually, the stand-alone units work with either plug setup separately. This is all on MIDI channel 1 by the way. I hope you guys try this out first before other options. Let me know how it works out for you.
  3. I can't send MIDI messages to my DAW on my Privia PX-350M. The audio from the piano to the DAW plays and records fine. I hooked the MIDI DIN plugs to another keyboard and it sent MIDI messages to the DAW just fine. So there's no issue with the DAW. I've also tried disconnecting the DIN plugs from the Privia and just going with the USB MIDI, but still no transmission. Has anyone else run into this problem?