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  1. PX-3 won't reinitialize or remember registries

    Took mine apart and ordered a schematic. It apparently doesn't have a battery powered memory. It has a flash chip on the main board. Which I think means new mother board. Unless you can track down the same chip, see if it has been prioritized by Casio, if it hasn't been, pull it from the mother board without wrecking said motherboard, and replacing it. I think a new motherboard is a little under $300. In my world that's an S.O.L situation. I could be mistake but I'm about 98% sure.
  2. long wait for replacement parts :-(

    Better late than never?....I replaced my px-3 sensor strips with the replacements sold by pacparts. $2 per strip and working flawlessly. One month delivery. Now I gotta replace the lithium battery if I can find it........
  3. PX-3 won't reinitialize or remember registries

    I think the lithium battery died. I wish I could get a schematic so I could find where the battery is located. I'm gonna have to take it apart and find the battery. I'll post again when I find it. Probably on one of the circuit boards underneath the display. Got one more slightly less than perfect sensor to replace anyway.....thanks for the suggestions
  4. Action of Casio PX-5S versus Roland A-88

    Cocaine was ESPECIALLY around in the 80s. I digress
  5. PX-3 won't reinitialize or remember registries

    I've definitely considered replacing it. Lol. Several options available. (Px5s, MX88, Juno ds88, Kawai es110) I'm using it now for a rehearsal board and as a controller for a 61 key Kronos. I'd rather repair it than replace it. Concerned more with the action than the sound. May not be worth the cost of repair.
  6. My PX-3 that I've had for some time now longer remembers registries after it's turned off. Also, it won't reinitialize. It just hangs on the "PLEASE WAIT....." Screen. Like, all night long. Is there a battery powered memory in this that needs to be replaced? If so where would it be located? Seems to be memory related. I've had success working on my own boards for 30+ years and have had this disassembled to replace the sensors. The memory problem was pre-existing so I know that it wasn't related to my work on the keyboard. Can't really use it as a controller any more this way.