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  1. OK got it! I'll go through the documents for sure! Thanks so much!! Have a great day!
  2. Thanks a lot for your help! I am from Canada don't know where I got the S+S term but probably from the Internet :-) For the PCM engine, is it possible to stack layers with each their pitch and enveloppes and can it be sent to the resonant filter? Same thing for the Hex layer..can the layers be run through the filter? Thanks again! Much appreciated!
  3. Hello! I need a bit of help please in better understanding basics and differences between P1 and G1 for a potential purchase. I am a seasoned synthesist and have much experience with traditional analog, digital and sample based structures. For the P1, can the solo engine elements have independent pitch, filters and enveloppes each? I hear the G1 allows this via outboard controls but I am not sure if the P1 can do it via the menus? Can the Hex engine layers have each independent pitch, envs, and filters? For the performance engine in the P1, can each PCM have it's independent pitch, filters, env etc? Can the be layered? Something similar to the Roland S+S sounds structure? In terms of filters, are high/bandpass only available as effects or otherwise can be used on an oscillator with keyboard tracking? Thanks a lot in advance for your help!