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  1. VOCODER ?

    Lol, it does!!
  2. Foreigner Patches

    To me it almost sound like an arpegiated 1 note square wave with some varying filter effect added to it. But I'm a newbie to the XW-P1 so I'm just starting to get my feet wet. Looks like Al Greenwood used a Moog to get that sound. How to do it?? Maybe an expert can help.
  3. New Owner of Casio XW-P1

    Thank you AlenK, your contribution is well received / appreciated already. Can't wait for volume 2 so I can learn and discover more about the synth. I'm glad that I was able to find knowledgeable people like yourselves in this forum that know these synths well and make my life easier learning about them. Too bad I only found out about them years later. BrettM, I'm almost finished setting up my studio and will get into trying this out soon. thank you for your assistance.
  4. New Owner of Casio XW-P1

    You discover new things everyday about these synths..
  5. New Owner of Casio XW-P1

    Indeed Scott, I think I've watched all the clinic vids by Mike particularly the one he shows all the synth samples, very interesting. I usually get bored of synths after a month or two and sell them off but not these two. I'm hoping to do some nice things. I appreciate the guidance, thanks
  6. New Owner of Casio XW-P1

    Thanks guys. I realize I'm trying to recreate the effect of either an Arp or Moog, not sure which one he used to create it but I will give it a go as soon as my new studio is setup. I'm new at these XW synths so still don't know much about them. Question for Alen, I printed/read the XW-P1 companion manual and learned a lot from it, do you think you'll be writing a companion manual for the XW-G1 as well?
  7. Hello, I'm not sure if this forum is still active(I hope it is) and I'm glad I found it, so here I go. I recently purchased both P1 & G1 as I was impressed at their capabilities and I must say that for the price, these are both really good sounding synths. Anyhow, I was wondering if someone knows how to create kind kind of a bubbly, laser gun sound. I don't know how its made or its real name and if its even possible but you can hear it on Angel's Tower song intro. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYOQ2FeCET8. please let me know thank you all