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  1. Transpose

    An update of the subject. Probably my problem was more a result of poor handling of the keys! After the initialize this problem turned up again but after some testing I found that I not always pressed the function key firmly enough and hence the plus key reacted as if I intended to change rhythm as well. As I tried to transpose songs while playing using two fingers on my right hand it was not so easy to obtain needed result. So I suspect the initialize procedure did not really made any difference. Should really exercise more playing in different keys instead of using the tranpose function but I'm lazy!
  2. Transpose

    Thank you very much for your prompt answer tnicoson! Luckily the initialize fixed it! Otherwise it would have been a problem as I bought the keyboard via internet from a shop in Germany. And I am living in Sweden. The fault was not there when I received the instrument so something has occured the weeks after that. By the way, have learnt a lot from this forum just by reading the posts! Kjell
  3. Transpose

    Hi, I recently purchased a CTK6200. Discovered that if I have autocomp on and the last thing I did before playing was selecting one of the rythms transpose behaves somewhat strange. It transposes my melody as it should but it also advances to the next rythm in the selected rythm bank. If I instead prior to playing push any tone bank it sticks to selected rythm and transposes both that and what I am playing with my right hand. Exactly what I suppose it to do. Is my keyboard faulty or is this behavior normal? It is not a big problem if I only remember to select an instrument as the last thing I do before starting to play but I really could do without this. Factory reset? Kjell