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  1. Casio CZ-5000

    Hi Chas, That's spooky, I've just bought VirualCZ, not had much chance to use it yet though. ALTHOUGH that does allow me to choose which memory slot to send the sound too and it all seems to work as it should. I think you may be right - MidiOx isnt asking me where I would like to send the sound to so maybe that's why it doesn't work. I think there's a possible work around of opening the SySex sound in Virtual CZ then sending it to the synth through that... not had time to try it yet. Maybe there is a way in MidiOx to specify which memory slot you want the message to send to but I'm not clever enough to work that out! Cheers Scott
  2. Casio CZ-5000

    Hi Chas, thanks for getting back to me! Yes, you are right - sending a patch from PC to CZ-5000 then trying to save it to memory bank. I don't know what location the patch is actually bring loaded to, I just press send from MidiOx and the patch plays on the keyboard. It seems to just superceed whichever preset I have selected on the keyboard... I've then used to write process to try and save to a memory slot but it doesn't work. Hope that makes sense?!
  3. Casio CZ-5000

    Hi guys, I'm new to hardware synths as I've just purchased a CZ-5000 of eBay. I love it! BUT I can send patches to it using Midi-Ox but I can't figure out how save the patch to the synth. Is this possible? I can tweak the synth's original preset patches and save them in the user memory slots but can't seem to save patches loaded to the synth externally. Any help appreciated!