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  1. Delivery and Unboxing of a GP-300 ?

    Found a video, it looks pretty moveable ...
  2. Delivery and Unboxing of a GP-300 ?

    Yes, for example http://www.woodbrass.com/en/product_info.php?calculport_country_id=222&products_id=210235& http://www.thomann.de/gb/casio_gp_300_bk_celviano.htm Aymeric
  3. Hi everyone, a question about the delivery of a GP-300: Most of online reseller deliver to the doorstep, ground floor. Given the weight of a GP-300, 80 kg, I'm wondering how it's packed ? I guess it's delivered on a wooden pallet, but what about the inside of the box ? How heavy is the biggest part ? Are 2 adults enough to carry this part up 2 flights of stairs ? Thank you. Aymeric
  4. Hello, can someone post a mp3 made with the new casio grand hybrid please ? Here are some hi quality midi files coming from http://www.piano-e-competition.com/midi_2011.asp Name: Zitong WangNationality: China Franz Liszt Tarantella, S. 162 No. 3 from Venezia e Napoli and Name: Weston MizumotoNationality: USA Sergei Rachmaninov Sonata No. 2 in B-flat Minor, Op. 36 (1913) in both standard midi and XP midi Thanks a lot ! Mizumoto12.MID Mizumoto12XP.MID Wang12.MID Wang12XP.MID
  5. New Celviano Hybrids Announced!

    Here are some news for us European folks: I received this mail from Thomann.de Also on a youtube video I saw yesterday, someone mentioned that the pedal/damper on/off noises are not sampled but generated to best use the 127 levels of pedaling. A good thing, I always muted those samples on other VST because they always sounded fake and unnatural to me. Aymeric
  6. New Celviano Hybrids Announced!

  7. How to perform onstage with the PX-150?

    You could check this youtube channel also ... and learn a few things here and there I suppose. I'm sure he covers your question in one of his video but I don't know wich one ... https://www.youtube.com/user/PianoManChuck/playlists Maybe he'll answer your question too, if you ask him Aymeric
  8. PX-350 keyboard mod, success at last!

    not much to see but here it is
  9. PX-350 keyboard mod, success at last!

    On another video, I saw someone use this kind of weather strips (made of rubber instead of foam). Perhaps more 'bouncy', but thiner ( en France, fournisseur/supplier www.ELTON.nl )
  10. PX-350 keyboard mod, success at last!

    Thank you for all your pictures and advice .... More than the sound the action make, what bother me the most is I find it painful to play fortissimo for a long time ... especially on the finger joint. I'll wait for the 3 years warranty to end and then i'll mod mine too. The clavinova spare parts seems to be a better quality but too big to fit aren't they ?
  11. Hello everyone, i'd like to know how you would do that ... I've a music sheet with a chord progression I like. I'd like to use this progression as background to my piano playing. How to do that ? I can use a song preset built-in the px-350 that I like (rythm, instruments, etc), copy it to a new slot and erase the chords and type in the new progression. Can I do it on a computer with a Casio software ? Because I' didn't look very deep into the manual, but It seems rather complicated to do it on the piano. Or perhaps should I use something like Bandinbox on my Laptop ? Any advice ? Thank you Aymeric
  12. Casio Songs List Editor

    Nice tool and interface, but not working out of the box for me: If the process button does nothing, maybe a file (zlib1.dll) is missing on your computer. Copy it to the sox subdirectory. here's a link http://pigtronix.com/SPLapplication/PC/zlib1.dll Aymeric
  13. Chorus bug px-350

    I can now reproduce the bug: -plug headphones -power up piano -press grand piano once -press function + bank -down arrow to set 1Room -function + 1/A -up arrow to set 1lightchorus -play a few notes -down arrow to set chorus to 0 -> chorus is gone but the piano two ! -press function + bank -down arrow to set reverb to -> reverb is gone and there is nothing left -> no sound -press grand piano and eveything is back to normal
  14. What makes Casio so important in your life?

    Make them think long time development, not rapid ROI. What makes the difference between CASIO and the other right now, is not the product, but the renown (other have and you don't). It takes time to build. After sale services, spare parts, warranty, product availability, geographice presence. This is what you should consider. I just bought a PRIVIA PX-350 PACK for 900+ euros. I feel like I took a risk buying a CASIO. (This is what you should work on). For the same price, I was considering a YAMAHA or KAWAI. I would had less for more. I bought the PX-350 because I've now a good a keybed and piano samples, and some nices addon (rhythm, presets,usb,etc) I also have an 'old' CTK-591 i bought used and still working like a charm, so I know CASIO can make long lasting items. Anyway back to the subject What makes Casio so important in your life-> I spend (and spent) most of my spare time on a CASIO keyboard Aymeric