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  1. iMidiPatchbay great news

    @KevinM Thanks again for your guidance!
  2. iMidiPatchbay great news

    @KevinMI'm trying to figure out how to have Onsong send an event select the corresponding song in iMIDIPatchbay. Could you provide any pointers on how to set that up?
  3. Can't change Tone via MIDI (using Onsong iPad app)

    Thanks, KevinM! I'll check out the post you referenced, too.
  4. Hi there! Confession up front - I'm a MIDI newbie. I'm trying to get my iPad (Onsong app) to fire off MIDI commands to my PX-560M to change the following based upon the song I pull up: Tone (Upper/Lower 1&2) Split Point Levels I know the MIDI connection is working fine but the tone change command doesn't seem to do anything to the keyboard. Here's the steps that lead to the problem: 1. Set Onsong to Listen for MIDI commands 2. Change tone on keyboard --> Corresponding command shows up in Onsong (so it definitely receives ok) 3. Turn off MIDI "Listen" in order to do a Test 4. Manually change Tone to something elese on keyboard 5. Click "Test" in Onsong (which fires the same command back to the keyboard) --> Result: Nothing happens. When I do the same process, but with Playing a note as the command, the test is successful and Onsong is able to play the note back through the keyboard. So I know the communication is fine. That means the problem must be around the other commands that don't seem to work when Onsong fires them off to the keyboard. Does the PX-560M support what I'm trying to do (in theory)? Are there any troubleshooting tools on the PX-560M to see what MIDI messages it's receiving? Am I missing some setting or something to allow these settings to be changed remotely via MIDI? Thanks for any help!
  5. where do I find the tone called "warm pad"?

    Thanks so much for the tips! I'll check out that video, too. Good stuff!
  6. where do I find the tone called "warm pad"?

    I like Synth > 52 as well. Is there any way to modify the decay on that? Changing chords can start to get muddy pretty quickly with sound hanging around so long after they key press is lifted.