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  1. XW-P1...left in the corner?

    Great News Rat! Could be wrong but I think that having MIDI you were setup as a pass-thru and that wasn't going to work with the data editor.
  2. XW-P1...left in the corner?

    I'm hoping they've just been busy with the new Privia. The XW-P1 for the price is a great product. I for one would not shell out 4X the money for the Clavia/Nords. I would be shocked if Casio didn't provide updates to this synth line. This being their first synth in quite sometime it's obvious they know what they're doing and with effort could easily take over the entry/mid level synth market. Hopefully Mike and team keep up the good work with the XW line.
  3. All, I'm tyring to play a wave file that I transferred to my SD card via the DataEditor software and I can play the file. That all works great. But I'm finding that when I go into the playback mode that it automatically puts me into synthesizer mode and locks me there until I exit the playback menu. My goal is to play the PCM's(piano/brass/woodwinds/etc...) with my sound files. Is this not possible? Thanks Scal3r
  4. XW-P1 $399 on Amazon!

    That was a good deal. Guitar Center has $75.00 off 499 so it's close and you get to choose between the standard or the GDK3. **Guitar Center now offering $100 off $499 or more.
  5. The NAMM Show 2013

    yea but I'm seeing a street price of 1299.00 for that. I guess I just don't see the value of the King Korg.
  6. The NAMM Show 2013

    One thing I took away from NAMM 2013 was the Roland VR-09. To me it's the closest thing to an XW-P1. It's double the price but the sounds may be a bit nicer. Would have to give it a listen. But functionality as far as I can see the XW-P1 is much better. Some suggestions to Mike for the XW series: 1. Look at IPAD/Android integration. This is a big deal. To modify parameters via the IPAD would make this awesome. With the IPAD space on the upper right it only makes sense. Hell start developing for both IPAD and Android and you'll even further your lead. Keep in mind this isn't a nice to have. The future are the tablets so really it's a must do. Nobody's going be to hauling laptops around in 2 years. 2. Further the quality of the sounds 3. Continue to add on to current functionality in general. If you do these three things you will be the leader in the synth area no question. Can't speak much to the new PX. Not my cup of tea really. Looks wise it's really bland and don't dig the weighted keys myself. Scal3r
  7. Ustream XW Clinic

    The video link should be added to the XW synth blog for future reference. Scal3r
  8. I purchased a used IPAD V1 two years ago for $400.00. Just sold it last month for $225.00. One of the best $175.00 investments I've made. See Apple has resale value and you have to add that into your equation. I suggest finding a used IPAD 4 on the internet. So far my experience is they are very solid. So if you can get a 2-3 month month used IPAD 4 then you're all set. I'm an internet junkie so to me it's a no brainer. Plus tons of synths out there that you can play. Scal3r
  9. Assign external Audio In to zone?

    Ok issue resolved. Bad 1/8 patch cable. Thanks again.
  10. About the keys

    Double P, You playing the heck out of that thing or what?
  11. Assign external Audio In to zone?

    Thanks I really appreciate your reply. I'll update you this weekend as to my findings.
  12. Assign external Audio In to zone?

    Yes that's correct. I want to use the Audio in [stereo] 3.5mm jack. How do I go about doing this? And I hope you don't say just plug it in and hit play I tried that and it it didn't seem to work so I'm thinking I have to setup something for the audio in sound to be mixed with the keyboard sound. Now I've only tried in 'Tone' mode so maybe that was my issue. I'm away on travel this week so can't test but I read the manual and nothing about using the audio in. And again in the Casio XW synth blog it states that you assign the audio in to a zone. So I'm asking how does one do this? Thanks scal3r
  13. I saw on the XM synth blog a reference to assigning the 1/8 external audio in jack to a performance zone. How do you accomplish this? I'm not seeing it referenced in the manual. I do see here you can set the tone but those appear to be the standard tone list only, not an external auidio source. My goal by the way is to be able to play along to songs I'm playing from my Iphone/Ipad. I do see where you can also use the ext instrument jack with solo synth but I don't want to do that. I want to to specifically use the 1/8 audio in jack and use in performance mode. Thanks Scal3r
  14. New XW-P1 GDK3 Owner!

    Mike, Great news and thanks for your response. I feel confident that the sounds and videos will add and retain customers to the XW Synthesizer line. Would be a win/win for both consumers and Casio.
  15. New XW-P1 GDK3 Owner!

    Yea I saw the picture that has been shown around and I debated waiting until after NAMM but I'm not interested in 88 keys at this point. I'm glad I went with Casio I have a feeling they're going to improve and drive innovations as fast as anyone.