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  1. Casio zone keyboard in midi

    Through the power of the XW-P1's mixer feature, I am able to achieve exactly what I need. Each part of a mixer is it's own tone and each of the Engine's track knows how to play the sound I want. Now the question is how to make other synthesizers that I acquire do the same - but that is for another day.
  2. Casio zone keyboard in midi

    Not much help from Steinberg, so I have bought the Social Entropy Engine and am giving it a try(I've been wanting to move to more hardware instruments than software instruments). Engine has 8 tracks, and each track is a midi output sound source. What I am trying to do is have Casio XW-P1 provide the sound source for multiple tracks. For instance, one track is the bass, one track is a lead, etc, since this is the only synth I have. But what I've come to find is that the XW-P1 has only one midi out global(I think), so if I try to change the lead track the bass track changes as well. Is it possible to do what I'm trying to do?
  3. Casio zone keyboard in midi

    I have sent Steinberg an email - will update on what they suggest.
  4. Casio zone keyboard in midi

    I have discovered another issue that won't help on stage. I have a project with several tracks with the tones that I want(program change values) that is routed to the XW-P1. When I play the project the first time, all the tracks routed to the xw-p1 sound the way I want them to, but if I load another project with midi data and/or reload the previous track the tones get screwed up, either the octave is too low or simply the wrong type of tone is being used, and I have to refresh the tones being used to make the song sound what I want. Think that is a Cubase thing or is that a program change thing that I just have to live with?
  5. Casio zone keyboard in midi

    Okay, so I am having some mild success in finding tones to be read by Cubase. I have the Synth Bass1 tone correctly loaded in Cubase and it will play the Synth-Bass 1 sound. I would also like the VA SynthLead 2-0 tone. I have written in the program change, and the Bank MSB value, but for whatever reason Cubase thinks I want the Square lead 1 sound - I assume it's the default tone for a wrong value. VA SynthLead has a program change value of 80, and an MSB value of 16, but when I play the tone in Cubase, the tone is not what I am supposed to be hearing. Any ideas? edit to be clear: for a couple of tones the wrong tone is being played when I applied the program change and MSB value in Cubase. I also want the FifthSawLead 0-6 in Synth but it sounds like a choir sound is being played instead. have double checked and made sure that I am inputting the right values. edit 2: apparently a simple close and restart of the project was all it needed to refresh the tones I need to hear, and it's working perfect. I will post again if I have the same issue. I appreciate the help!
  6. Casio zone keyboard in midi

    Anyone around here familiar with Cubase? I am stuck. I am able to use program changes with events, but I don't know if it's the best option for live stage. I am trying to go about installing the instrument definition file provided by the user that is for Cakewalk, but I have no idea what to do next. I have tried for a couple of days now and it's getting a bit frustrating because when I create the midi-device, I select it in the inspector, but there is no midi patch bank list available for me. Am really quite confused about what I'm doing. There are not a lot of articles and watched videos on youtube talking about how to do something like this, but whatever I do, nothing works - Bank Selector says off, and Program selector says off. If I use some other default devices included, the midi patch banks work just fine and can see a list of programs to choose from(of course I can't hear any of them), but it seems that nothing I do has worked so far. I will assume that I am going completely the wrong way about this. Thanks for the help! Edit to be clear: Bank select Edit 2: I am on the right path. I am writing a .txt patch script version for Cubase and have a patch seen in my midi track inspector. I think now it's just a matter of finding the right values to put in when defining the patch names - I have Synth-bass 1 in the script but I hear the piano tone...
  7. Casio zone keyboard in midi

    I appreciate the insight. One more question. There are a few sounds I like, but Cubase only has channels up to 16, and the sounds I like are in channels 20 and 22. How would I go about making sure Cubase sees channels above 16?
  8. Casio zone keyboard in midi

    Hi, I have figured out how to make it work. Each tone has it's own number in a certain channel that I program via program change and I make that change in Cubase. I do that for each track and it works. Just one more question. When I hit some notes while Cubase is running, the notes will hang sometimes, with the only solution I've found is to re-initialize the keyboard, which is not a good solution if I were playing on stage. I have looked in the manual, and all it says is to switch to DC power instead of battery power. Unfortunately that is not the case for me, as I am running the keyboard through the power cord. Any recommendations on how to stop the notes from hanging?
  9. Casio zone keyboard in midi

    Hi, I have learned a lot recently. Am able to assign each track it's own sound via program change data. However, I would like to play along with my keyboard as well. There is no problem when I push play and just listen to the project, but if I try to find a tone on the keyboard to play harmony with the project, the rest of the midi tracks I have changes to that tone I have selected on the keyboard. Either that, or there will be several layers of tones, split up as well, which makes it sounds like something got screwed up on the keyboard. Here's an example: Bass is assigned to the keyboard(USB midi interface), channel one, with program data 33. Lead 1 is assigned to the Keyboard(USB midi interface), channel two, with program data 80 Lead 2 is assigned to the KEyboard(USB midi interface), channel three, with program data 81. As said above, I would like to play harmony on my keyboard with these tracks, but whenever I look for a certain tone or sound, the other midi tracks change to the current tone I want to play harmony with, or the keyboard just sounds screwed up with the tones I programmed in Cubase. Thanks for the help. Perhaps there's someone here that's familiar with Cubase that might give me a hint or a link to a tutorial somewhere that could get this working right.
  10. Casio zone keyboard in midi

    Thank you very much for the reply, I appreciate it. i currently have three tracks in Cubase that are routed to the XWP1. One for a bass, a harmony lead, and one for a melody lead. I would like each track to have it's own tone, or zone, which ever is the more correct way to go about doing it. However, when I changed the bass lead an octave down so it will be a proper bass tone, the other 2 tracks change to be the current bass tone. So if I change a key lead tracks the second key lead tone and bass tone will change to be the current key lead track. I know I'm messing up somewhere - How can I make it so that when I change only one track the sound will only change for the track that is currently selected, and not all three? Is that where program change comes into play?
  11. Casio zone keyboard in midi

    Hey folks, Just recently received my Casio X1-P1 and enjoying it. Am learning to navigate it. I know how to zone up the keyboard to play up to 4 different parts and sounds at the same time. I have a song written in midi data on Cubase, have drum midi data recorded, and keys data recorded, but I can only hear one zone at a time "i.e. my piano tone or a bass tone", is it possible to split up the keyboard and hear all the parts at the same time(Hear the piano when the midi data is in its zone, hear the bass when the midi data is in its zone, hear the lead when the midi data is in its zone. Hopefully it makes sense what I'm trying to do. Thanks for the help!