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  1. Hi Folks, Nice to be here. My name is Marty W. I recently bought for my fiancee a Casio CTK-6200 Keyboard Sequencer. A very nice little machine. Years ago I owned a Roland XP-60 and while I loved that machine it was an absolute BEAR to deal with. So I'm really happy with the Casio. Here's the thing though...Linda is NOT a musician and I got her this so she could make use of track recording and: 1.) Learn some basic piano skills like chords and melody 2.) So she could record melodic ideas she comes up with for the lyrics she writes for us. She is the lyricist and I'm the musician. Very nice working relationship for the most part. However, as she's improved her lyrical skills, she finds that often she hears a melody in her head she wants me to use in the music but cannot sing it to me or play it. Hence the sequencer so she can simply record the melodic lines to the SSD drive and I can import it into my Studio One DAW. Nothing complicated for the moment. Eventually we will both jump in and incorporate it into the entire studio set up but for now that's all we need to do. Finally found a video that walks us through the track recording process, but for the moment just really need to be able to save the tracks she records. Cannot for some reason save these files to the sim card. Not sure what I'm doing wrong and cannot seem to find a simple press this and so on to do this simple process. It's got to be something simple I'm just not seeing on the keyboard but I could sure use some help. Thanks. Marty