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  1. Hi, I just picked up this keyboard and I have a few questions. This forum seems like a great resource for learning this synth. My first question is when using the the filter sweep in mono mode with resonance up, it is very scratchy, and almost sounds distorted with harsh midrange overtones. Is this normal behavior for this keyboard, or could there be an issue with my unit? I haven't been able to find videos demonstrating this function, and maybe I am expecting too much after watching many analog mono synth demos. My second question. I have a Yamaha electronic drum kit, and I would like to be able to play it through the synth if possible. I tried plugging it into the instrument jack, but the volume was very low. My third question: I just watched a series of demos on youtube and the person demoing complains nearly the entire time about what this synth CAN'T do, and he says it is useless as a performance synth. Please tell me he is exaggerating, because I want to use this keyboard in performance. All I want is a couple of cool sounds per song, and I don't plan on using the drums. Last question: What is the best place to start with building my own sound on here? I like some of the presets, but I would love to experiment with getting some nice vintage poly-synth sounds. My favorite synth artists are Jeremy Schmidt (Sinoia Caves, Back Mountain), Tame Impala, Pink Floyd, Wand. So yes 70's style psych rock stuff. Cheers!
  2. Nice, yeah I like those moog patches, and some of the roland style basses and pads it can do. Don't get me wrong, the keyboard has some really cool sounds in it. Even some of the EP sounds are pretty good. The main thing that is lacking is my keyboard playing abilities, so I'm happy with what it can do right now. Even if I eventually only use it as a controller once I hone in on the sounds I love it's still a great deal. I don't understand the complaints I've read online about the organ sounds, I think they are one of the best features and the main reason I had for buying it. For EP I may still look into VST or a yamaha reface, but only after I actually learn to play. The leslie ramping is really cool.
  3. Seems like a lot of the user patches do better with the filter. It's odd that casio would include that range on all of their solo synth patches, since it seems too easy to accidentally get those unpleasant sounds. Looks like I'll be getting an analog mono soon for knobbing!
  4. I'm going to record some samples for you to check out... Here you go, this is the preset 0-0 patch first, then I turn the volume down in the mixer which definitely helped, but there is still "digital overload" at anything over 80 (starts at 127...), then I move to one of the leadsyn patches and do the same then one of the moog pack sounds, numans lead. At the end I turn the volume mixer way down and have to turn my interface gain up at the end which adds a lot of noise. You might say I don't need to turn the resonance up so high, but I'm actually very fond of the high resonance filter sweep sounds as effects. Interestingly, the compression of uploading to soundcloud seems to help a bit.
  5. Cool rig. I have the XW-p1 plugged into the guitar/ line input on my alesis io2 express sound card and it works fine without adapters. As it is set up I can listen to spotify and play keys while listening through headphones, so I plugged the aux of the phillips stereo into the headphones jack of the audio interface and that works! Easier than trying to figure out why my computer won't allow me to run two audio outs. My P.A. system is a Peavey XR560, and two Yamaha 12"s in wedge cabinets, and it can't seem to handle the low end of the synth. Does your XW-P1 get staticky when the resonance is too high?
  6. More electric piano patches

    Bump. Has anyone released a killer Rhodes and Wurlie for the XW-P1? I missed a Korg SV-1 the other day and I'm craving a better rhodes tone. Considering a Yamaha reface to run the Casio into.
  7. Thanks, I'm on pg 20 on the manual now, and it's clearing up a lot of the basic controls. I have a connection question you might be able to help me with. I listen to music through a small philips stereo, and want to be able to play along through the speakers (I know, it could blow them, but I will keep levels low). The stereo has a USB connection which plugs into the laptop dock. I also have an audio interface connected via USB, but I can only run sound out of one of the other. Any ideas how I can make this setup work?
  8. I am working through the manual, and then I will work through your pdf AlenK. If you could help me with something though, I would really appreciate it. Everytime I play an arpeggio a demo loop starts with drums and chords. Edit: okay I figured it out by going into performance and scrolling out of the setting it was on, it stopped it from automatically coming on. Now I just need to figure out how to turn the metronome off and how to change tone without the recorded part changing so I can layer. I need to figure out how to drive this thing before downloading new sounds into it. Is there a need to update the firmware on it?
  9. Understood, yes that would be frustrating to accidentally overwrite hours and hours of experimenting. I haven't saved anything yet, so I might download a ZAL file to get an idea of what else is possible and delete the patches I don't like. I'm probably going to be using the P1 for a while to just practice keyboard and for ear training before jumping into the synth tones too much. I have a few tones in my head that I would like to have, but I think they are pretty straightforward. Basically, some Juno 106 pads with stereo chorus, and some moog bass. Those two sounds scratch my synth itch. I mainly got the board for the organ and rhodes sounds.
  10. Sounds like exactly what I'm looking for, since my interests are not in creating whole songs on this keyboard. I am interested in synthesizer sounds, and I may dabble in arpeggiating mono synth sounds but I'm aiming for old school style sounds. Thanks for all your help. How do I implant patches from the net into the casio?
  11. I was half expecting to get a reply saying "read the manual", but this is a better reply that I could have ever hoped for. A place to get moog style patches, a BETTER manual, and kind words from the person who wrote the manual to boot. You Sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. So, I actually haven't even figured out the mixer yet. I am 100% overwhelmed and daunted by this device. I'm really not the type of person who does well with these kinds of instruments, so we'll see how I fare. I might need to get a monologue or something in the meantime of learning this just to have something to turn knobs on. I actually imagine a Dreadbox Erebus sitting on the ipad shelf on this. For now, I think I might build a small pedalboard to sit up there. While I've got you here, do you have any favorite Rhodes patches on here? Seems like layering the Mellow EP Piano and the 60's EP would get something Rhodesy. I haven't figured out yet ho to build layers though. You got me thinking....I wonder if I can trigger synth sounds with my drum kit. That would be wild to hit a snare mid set and have it be an epic evolving pad.