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  1. CGP-700/PX-160/360/560 refresh?

    Thanks for the input. I pulled the trigger and ordered the PX-160 (found a really good bundle deal). I need to rebuild my general piano skill level more than anything right now, it should make a fine instrument for that without breaking the bank. In a couple years if I want to upgrade I'm sure we'll have new/improved/better pianos by then, Casios seem to hold value pretty well.
  2. I've recently been trying to pickup where I left off about 20 years ago. I have an older Yamaha keyboard that is actually pretty good for mid 90s tech, but the plastic spring keys are just not cutting it. Being a Yamaha fan I was initially interested in the P115 but my research ultimately led me to the Casio lines, and I'm down to deciding between the PX-160 and the CGP-700. I did visit a store over the weekend to feel them out (the Yamahas as well), and I do prefer the key action of the Casios, at least at this price range. I really liked the CGP-700 sound reproduction with the speaker stand and I like all the additional features (although I may never use much of that it is 'nice to have'). But I also felt the PX-160 sounded great for $500 and is easily the no brainer pick for any ePiano in this price range. It'll come down to what $ amount I feel comfortable spending. But onto my question... It seems these products typically have about a 2-3 year lifecycle before being "refreshed", and since we're at that point I was just curios if there's any word on these models getting an update anytime soon? I'd hate to spend the money and have new/updated models come out a couple months down the road. At the same time, I'm not really progressing in my skill level much continuing to play on the keyboard... Thanks in advance!