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  1. Software problem ?

    Thank you so much for your response and info, Ted ! Opened the k-board myself and, tightened/and fastened some long ribbon cables with a few ty-raps, ... the keyboard is working : FINE !!! Also it looks a whole lot better inside(haha), put it back together, and played it for an hour! Very happy again with the WK7600 !
  2. I send my WK7600 for service to my local dealer, after a few weeks of use.The problem was that on nearly all the keys the B and the Dsharp were not working/no sound, even after initializing it for several times. When I got it back they said that they couldn't find anything wrong, ....I thought...strange, ...but I was happy because it worked fine again! I havent used it for a period of time, so my warranty expired, but when I turned it on, last week the same problem was there. I've tried initializing again, wich didn't work, so I can't use it at all! My question is: Maybe this problem, probably a Software problem, is known by someone .... any suggestions ??