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  1. So, I tested the X500...

    Just to say this - I am not bashing X500. And another thing - I am sure that after tweaking it a little bit, the results would be much better than out of the box. I love how it looks and feel. Even the keys I thought were quite alright. I like the features and tools it brings on, also many of the sounds are very nice. Unfortunately, I didn't like styles that much. That's all. I don't think it sucks or that they are terrible at all. I think this keyboard is a great contender and probably next model will be even better. And really, I think if Casio will bring on a 76 version of the next model, I'd be looking at it again. In the meanwhile, enjoy making music!
  2. So, I tested the X500...

    Hi guys, Well, Silvano, it is not about the numbers really. But it is about how they sound. I think the next model will be there... This one I think is simply not polished enough. But not in the sense that rhythms will sound like a CD... Anyway, it is not about the numbers. Leon, also, I do create my own styles and I was looking forward to do that on X500. But I feel I couldn't do it right, with the onboard sounds at least. Yes, the tools are there, love that. But I simply do not think this could work for me... I am looking at the new Pa700. So it happens that it was announced these days, exactly when I was looking into a final decission on X500. I do not take that as a sign though. But I like what Pa700 is bringing. KAOSS is rather amazing. Too bad the sampling options are limited. But I am not that much into that anyway.
  3. So, I tested the X500...

    Hi friends, I was saying a couple of weeks ago that I will have the chance to test X500 in person, as I was traveling and there was a store to have it available. And so it happened. I could only briefly have my time with it, but enough to make a first impression. To my surprise (to a point) I was rather pleased with build quality, even the keybed was not that terrible as I thought after reading some of the posts here. The display and buttons, knobs all were good. Nothing to complain about at this level. Speakers were loud, clear, no buzzes. Keys did not squawk either. The color is very cool, I liked it, that blue is definitely drawing attention, and also the lifted panel was very nice. So it happenes that on the same area was a Korg Pa600 on display, so I could compare the two. I had tested Pa600 before and had a Pa50 for many years, so I was familiar with this one and I could actually go one by one through some basic sounds and styles I'd use most of the time. Here was the bummer. As much as I wanted to like the rhythms in X500, every one of them that I tested were lacking when compared to Pa600. Someone said it before and I think it is true: Casio sounds are ok by themselves, but when in styles, they are just not as good and pleasent as Korg's. In Styles I also suspect there is quite a lot of it to do with less quality effects. I think. So, while some of the rhythms are better than others, most of them are not that great I am afraid. I mean, to my ears. Sounds were not bad. I quite enjoyed playing some piano lines and the keyboard itself was surprisingly ok for this. So, I think for now, at least until there will be a next generation MZ model, or a new arranger in Casio offering, I will need to skip this one. I really like it though as an idea, and I wish Casio will come up with improved offering, so they will stand against the new arrangers from Korg and Yamaha soon. All the best! Adi
  4. Are there any styles/rhythms available?

    This is nice indeed. Well, let's see what's next... Thanks Rick.
  5. new Korg Pa700

    It is a significant difference in price, true. They will come down also. Remember that X500 was more expensive for the first year or so... I really wish Casio will come up with a "x600" soon. Or with a version 2 of the OS, to introduce something new.
  6. new Korg Pa700

    Just came in my email this morning... A new competition. http://www.korg.com/us/products/synthesizers/pa700/ I'd like to see how and when will Casio react.
  7. Are there any styles/rhythms available?

    Is there a way to set up a Sonar project with 16 tracks, have the X500 connected through MIDI, assign the right tones from within Sonar and then record using the arranger facilities? Basically, a way to record through MIDI out the accompaniment tracks and once recorded IN SONAR, to be edited and then played back properly by X500 as sound generator... I hope it makes sense what I ask... If this would be possible, this workflow would be best for me. THIS I couldn't really achieve before. Then of course, each track would be rendered into an audio file and mixing phase can be done. THanks!
  8. Are there any styles/rhythms available?

    If we are at it, can you tell me please, when you work in Sonar with X500 as a sound generator, how easy is it to actually work with it as 16 tracks module? For instance, with Korg Pa50 it was a constant headache as I used to move constantly between style and song mode... And was rather difficult I found to obtain good results... A tedious process. What is your workflow if you wanted to record something MIDI, into the Sonar, using rhythms accompaniment of Casio? Thanks!
  9. Are there any styles/rhythms available?

    http://www.casioteclados.com.br seems to be very well organized and has great collection rhythms for X500. There is little though that I could use probably only a number of them. But thank you for the link. Also, after having a look at http://www.psrtutorial.com/sty/yamaha/psr-s970.html, I realized I know very little about Yamaha's formats. I've only used Roland and Korg before. So, which format of the many I see in the archives (.bcs, .prs, .sst,) will work for the conversion? All? Maybe I am getting a little bit ahead of myself, I should explore first how I could actually make along with X500. But I am excited to find out more... Thanks! Adi
  10. Are there any styles/rhythms available?

    Thank you, I will look into these. I was thinking, should be possible to have such a data base here on the forum? Which would hopefully slowly (or rapidly) grow then. If all goes well and I'll end up getting the X500, I'd love to create and share some of these materials. In about a week I should know. Rick, are those styles available?
  11. Hi guys! I tried to use the search function of the forum, but it seems it is not working. Error EX0. So, I am sorry if this was discussed already (and probably it was once or twice) but I was thinking, are there resources available for MZ-X500? I'd be interested in rhythms especially, created from ground or converted from Yamaha, or from other brands. About a week ago I did find a website filled with Latin styles, but it is not my cup of tea so to speak. I'd be interested in Pop, Country, maybe Disco/Dance. And free would be amazing! Thanks! Adi
  12. Priority

    Like what for example? I'd like to know what issues might be in there, even after 1.50 update...
  13. Why WOULDN'T one buy MZ X500 ?

    I'd say my main consideration, when it comes about costs, is not the price per se, but the value you het for the money. So, it is really the cost effectiveness that I am interested in. And X500 ticks that box! I think Pa600 would be the only other option. But I think a newer model would need to be out soon, as this has been out for a while now... And Roland Ea7 is good but keybed is terrible I thought. I was turned down by the size and quality. So, the main atraction is the value for the money!
  14. Why WOULDN'T one buy MZ X500 ?

    I've figured it out in the meanwhile - in fact you were a very supportive and friendly member there, just as here too! Thanks again for that! If it was to compare X500 with pa600 (which I had the chance to play some months ago): 1. What does break button? Does it simply pause (Roland style) of introduce a short fill-in (Korg style)? 2. Would you call the keybed lighter or similar? 3. Touch screen as responsive or less? 4. Build quality similar? Worse? Better? 5. The bass from the built in speakers? Leonh, that is exactly the point! I am ready to actually accept some little shortcomings, because for the money, there isn't anything close. Feature list is so long and good - sounds are good, style are good too. I wonder what's the catch? I appreciate all your replies! Thanks!
  15. Why WOULDN'T one buy MZ X500 ?

    Rick, weren't you (or maybe you're still) member of korgpa forums too? I realise now I might have seen your name in there maybe? I myself am a member there, but have not posted in years I think. I used to have a Pa50. And btw, somehow, X500 reminds me of the sound of Triton engine... Which I quite enjoyed! On topic, I was actually thinking of that - should I wait for a possible 76 version? I know there is a strong demand for that, or at least strong suggestion to Casio, but it's obviously hard to anticipate what they might do or not... Have you seen this? I quite like Casio sound... less polished in a sense, more discreet efx, but not bad. I think the general eq adjusting could help taking away a little bit of the muddiness and make it more open sounding. But I like how it holds on. And I like drums better than Roland - figure that out!