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  1. Might be some form of restriction set on Facebook. This link explains some of them. Maybe check if your facebook thinks you are underage or something like that. Steve http://boostlikes.com/blog/2016/03/sorry-content-available-message
  2. Hi Lobbard, I just tried the link and it works fine for me in the UK. could it be a regional issue from your location I wonder? Steve
  3. Control Map for Ableton please!

    Rick Stirling has created one for Sonar that he has kindly shared with the community, see this thread
  4. MZ-X500 as an ORGAN

    That setup looks a lot of fun
  5. Are there any styles/rhythms available?

    Thanks for the links chaps, Steve
  6. new Korg Pa700

    From my perspective Casio need their customers to start to look at them as a professional supplier rather than just a cheap consumer supplier as perceived here in the UK so I doubt that they will react to this at all, merely look at what is being offered and try to gauge how the customer respond and what sales are made using this information as a guide for any future designs and developments. In my opinion Casio need to concentrate more on promoting their current line up better first. For example the MZ-X300/500 is not even sold in the UK and to tempt the pro's they will need to show a steady release of more rythm/styles plus get more 3rd party developers to buy into development of them. Steve
  7. Hex layers imported from PX560? PX5s?

    Haha I had to rise to the.bait of that question! When I was watching the you tube videos there was one where a new free sampler editor was demonstrated and it had hex layer on the menu, does this not do what you are asking? steve
  8. Harmony upper 1/2 Lower 1/2

    Update. Yup, you was spot on Rick, it was the arpeggio menu, I just had to sneak back to power it up to check whilst the wife patiently waited looking at the TV on pause!! thanks for setting me back on the right path, appreciate it Steve
  9. Harmony upper 1/2 Lower 1/2

    Hmm there is a distinct possibility as I was going through all menus to try and get an idea on how this beast works. I will have a look tomorrow to see if it the settings I can visualise that I saw thanks for the help steve
  10. Harmony upper 1/2 Lower 1/2

    Hi all, A genuine question this time if I may. When playing with the menus I came across the setting where you can state what the Harmonise will affect Upper 1 (by default I believe) or upper 2 or both or lower 1/2/both. I have just spent the last hour trying to find it again, going through the menu's over and over but I cannot find it anywhere! The manuals have no mention of it either so I am now stumped. Please tell me I am not dreaming and point me in the right direction for the settings please? thanks Steve
  11. The Purchasing Saga Pt2: Unexpected developments:

    Thanks all, it looks like the keyboard suffers from key clatter on some of the keys as others have reported on theirs and may have been the reason it was returned to become B stock but everything else seems to be working fine so I can live with this as its only home use and more an annoyance than a hindrance I have been busy diving into menus to see how to drive this beast. Immense fun, at first I thought it was a bit reduced with tones rhythms held togetiher by registrations but about an hour ago I found the music pre sets, Oh yes! The next step its to work out what the difference between a registrationand and a musical pre set is but as my 2 year old Grandson is here at the moment so it is put away safely as he only wants to jam on it with the jam in sandwich Speak later Steve
  12. Hi all, this is the continuation of the keyboard purchase saga from Bax. Apologies that it is a bit long winded and apologies for my quirky English humour! So last night I packed up the keyboard and delivered it to the UPS pickup point. I then Emailed customer services to inform them that it was on its way before returning to perfect my Ralph Maten impersonations This morning wondering downstairs muttering "Was ist für das Frühstück" when I heard a ding dong from the doorbell, My good lady wife went off to see who it was and returned with.......the power supply!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! How, why! Customer telephone support had said they had not shipped it as there was a glitch. Customer Email support confirmed there was a problem and it had not shipped, Ralph Maten had said "Es gibt keinen Löffel", but they lied, they lied!! It had been shipped, it was chugging away to me all along except no one had actually notified anyone about it Aghh panic panic what to do! I quickly ran outside to jump in the car, heard a neighbour scream, quickly ran back indoors, got dressed, then repeated the manoeuvre! I raced down to the UPS drop of point, keeping to the limits but revving the engine like mad so that it got me there faster. Screeching to a halt I charged into the shop and begged for the return of my parcel waving my receipt manically to the staff, onlookers and a nearby pedestrian. Chastened by the chorus of "back of the line" I waited my turn before pleading with the shop keeper. "sorry" informed the shopkeeper in a passive tone, it was collected this morning NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I left the shopkeep my number in case he had somehow misplaced it! and slowly slouched back to the car. What a dingbat, if I had just waited one more day. Aha! Maybe I could get it from UPS delivery depot. I poodled off home, revving the engine even harder. Back home I phoned UPS. After what appeared to be several years they called back and informed me that they had not actually picked up any parcels from that pickup point so it must still be there. AHA!! I knew it, they had lied as well. Its a conspiracy, a trick, they want to keep my precious! In a half deluded state I raced back to the drop of point and charged up to the shopkeep and stammered in a non stop voice. Its still here, UPS said they have not picked it up, You are wrong, it has not gone, gimme gimme! The Shop keep just looked at me. No smile, no smirk, not even a raised eyebrow. He slowly looked at the corner that had one tiny parcel deposited today, and looked back at me. Sob! it was gone. Winging its way back to the Netherlands and now UPS has lost it too! Yesterday I had a keyboard without a power supply. Today I had a power supply without a keyboard. I thanked the shop keep and drove home. My wife ran up to me and in an effort to cheer me up said "Willst du Sex" But even that failed to cheer me up, and I made a mental not to delete those darn Ralph Maten videos from the recorder I sat in my armchair and quietly cried to myself, my left hand wandered off to find a beer and I wallowed in self pity. The phone rang "Guten Tag" I said "This is the shopkeep. Are you the guy chasing a parcel that frightened away all my customers" "Ya" "Well UPS have just delivered it back to me. Can you please collect as its blocking my doorway" WHAT!!! Yes YES YEEEES! Thank you UPS. Thank you shopkeep. I now have the keyboard and I have the power supply and I am now going to conjoin the two forever and play play PLAY all night Thanks for reading all is trueish with a little exaggeration and maybe wishful thinking with the wife!! Speak later Steve Translations: Was ist für das Frühstück: What is for breakfast Es gibt keinen Löffel : There is no spoon (Matrix) Willst du Sex: Do you want sex
  13. Well I "almost" got one! - From Bax

    Haha not heard that for many a year
  14. Well I "almost" got one! - From Bax

    Haha love the Bees! Thanks chaps Steve
  15. Well I "almost" got one! - From Bax

    Update: I had a call back from the supervisor. We have agreed that the B stock item will be returned and instead I will be shipped a new keyboard with a 5% discount on the full price for the inconvenience caused. I think that this is a fair compromise as although I have lost time (play time!) with a lot of frustration it has not cost me any additional money except phone calls and I will feel happier knowing that the keyboard is really new and not a used one that may have been returned with problems. I have been burned by my experience with B stock! Never again So the order of play will be that I will need to return the B stock, then pay the additional payment before they ship out the new replacement. At a guess this will take a week or so to complete So the good new is that I am still on track to get 500 albeit with another couple of weeks delay. The bad new is that I want to play with it now! I guess I shall have to spend the time watching the YouTube videos on the 500 again for the umpteenth time. I have watched Ralph Maten so many times I am starting to learn German! speak later Steve