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  1. Chordana Play software

    You don't know how much I appreciate your putting out so much effort to supply a "rational" explanation. In the case of the Samsung Luna, it appears the headphone channels are reversed. (The data appear on the right channel, not the left.) Whatever the installer can or can't do, it apparently isn't able to evaluate headphone wiring! (No, I'm not going to wire up a reverser. (Come to think of it... I might have one I created for my ASUS 3D glasses.)) I didn't want to tell you the name of the tablet (because it would cause a violent negative reaction) but it's a Polaroid, designed by Southern Telecom. I work for a store that sells it, and bought it on impulse for $40. There are a few good things one can say about it, but "elegant operation" isn't one of them. One must be patient. I'm going to let this drop for the time being. There are more-important things to do, such as learning to play -- starting with the Casio Music Academy lessons. Again, thanks.
  2. Chordana Play software

    You folks might want to read the first installment of my LK-265 Amazon review.
  3. Chordana Play software

    Everything is Android -- tablet, smartphone, software. The Chordana Play page explicitly states "This app is compatible with all your devices." -- and names them, make and model. So... Why doesn't Chordana Play work? I'm not perfect; I make mistakes. So what am I doing wrong?
  4. Chordana Play software

    When headphones are connected to the smartphone (a Samsung Luna), and Keyboard Link is activated, buzzing noises (presumably the control data) come from the right channel, with the music on the left. And I continue to get level-error messages -- both plus and minus. Despite a great deal of experimentation, I still can't get the keys to light. I'll have to report this failure in the review. It's particularly annoying, because Casio explicitly states that my smartphone is compatible. Now I'm going to get on my high horse, because I'm entitled to. I worked for Bendix Field Engineering almost 40 years ago. I was on a team installing new klystrons and their step tuners at various sites. Though the klystrons had been aligned before they left Varian, they didn't begin to meet their specs. No amount of fiddling -- by our team or the NASA engineers -- could make them meet specs. We had to get "dispensation" from NASA so that some of the klystrons could be used. Then, one day I saw one of the techs toss an HP point-contact diode into the trash. "It's no good." The light suddenly went on. Maybe the klystrons were properly tuned, but we weren't measuring them properly. When I switched to an HP thermocouple meter, every channel of every klystron was dead-on, or needed only minor adjustment. Was I smarter than the NASA engineers? Of course not. I simply took less for granted and asked better questions. I work nights at a chain store to supplement my income. Our cash registers' IBM software is thoroughly screwed up. It's sometimes hard to use, and doesn't always behave in a consistent or "logical" manner. It even steals money from customers, as it did to me the other day. (I have to report it tonight.) Competition is a good thing, but most companies rush products to market, then leave it to user groups to pick up the pieces when said products don't work right. (Sony had major problems with the Android software in its 930D series TVs. I consider myself lucky that mine works, and have no intention of "updating" the firmware.) This is inexcusable. I long ago grew tired of buying ill-conceived or poorly executed products, then having to troubleshoot them. I don't get paid for this.
  5. Chordana Play software

    Of course I contacted technical support. They had no answer, and sent me here. It's unlikely the LK-265 is malfunctioning, as the App feature is presumably software-based. I've been servicing electronic equipment on and off for 60 years. (I'm a degreed EE, a technical writer, and hold an amateur license.) The most-important thing I've learned is that the answer to most problems is staring you in the face, but you don't recognize it. When I plug headphones into the tablet with Keyboard Link turned off, both channels play the music at the same level. When I turn Keyboard Link on, the music comes mostly from the right channel. (It's still on the left, at a much lower level.) The control data are supposed to be on the left channel, but I don't hear anything "digital". (It might be at too low a rate to have significant audible components.) Therefore, as both the left and right audio outputs of the tablet are working correctly, the problem seems to be that Chordana Play isn't outputting the control data. QED. I will try downloading Chordana Play to my smartphone.
  6. Chordana Play software

    Yes. No. This one is okay. When I connect a stereo source, both channels play correctly.) With headphones, I get sound from both channels, at the same level. Not practical. The Casio compatibility page recognizes the make and models of both my phone and tablet, and says they're compatible. (For what it's worth, I'm running Marshmallow 6.0.1.) I continue to get App Vol + and App Vol - error messages. No amount of fiddling with the level gets rid of them. The level is always too low or too high.
  7. Chordana Play software

    This YouTube video shows Chordana Play being used with the LK-265. The keys light up correctly.
  8. Chordana Play software

    Yes, yes, and yes. By the way, the Casio compatibility page (accessed from my desktop computer) correctly recognizes the brands and models of my tablet and smartphone, and states they are compatible. (I have no idea where it got that data.) Chordana Play is running on my tablet.
  9. Chordana Play software

    I'm reviewing the LK-265 for Amazon Vine. There's a significant problem with Chordana Play (v1.1.5, the most-recent). When a song is playing (in this case, one of the 50 pieces supplied with Chordana Play), the keyboard is supposed to light to show the next key to be pressed. It doesn't. Casio doesn't support Chordana Play, and I've run out of troubleshooting ideas. Thoughts, anyone? Thanks in advance.