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  1. CGP 700 sustain pedal issue

    Kurzweil Grand I love it it is just not portable. The casio compares favorably in both sound and quality..except for the sustain pedal:)
  2. CGP 700 sustain pedal issue

    Thank you for your response. I will check other strings to see if they will fade away. All of my other keyboards, Yamaha and Kurzweil have this ability. I do have to perform live so it is very important to me, not to have to end a song abruptly. I have the CGP 700 not the privia
  3. CGP 700 sustain pedal issue

    The problem is I use piano and strings layered quite a bit and if you are layering it doesnt work.
  4. Hi I bought a CGP 700 series piano that I use to gig with. The sustain pedals, I have 2, the one that came with the unit and the one I have used for years, an M series. On every keyboard I have ever had when using the sustain pedal the sound has faded, this keyboard does not. The sound stays at one level and when you release the pedal it cuts off abruptly. Is there a work around to this? If not I will have to return this keyboard. These pedals are single pedal units, It sustains and fades with just voice one ,piano, but if i add a second voice such as strings it will not fade.