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  1. Music stand for PX560

    Hello Mockie, I found a USA internet parts supplier that delivers world-wide. I have not used the supplier. Do people on this forum have an opinion about better to order thru Casio or a parts supplier? Better to order local in Ireland than international from USA? Casio PX560MBE parts numbers Long list of parts numbers and prices. Changing an internal part would void warranty. find MUSIC STAND on webpage = Casio 91087282175 $21.29 + shipping That stand fits 21 Casio models. Casio store website search did not find any entry for MUSIC STAND nor 9108... PacParts.com Internet domain age = 18 years 99% safe https://www.scamadviser.com/check-website/pacparts.com Two California USA offices International shipping statement = We are here to meet all your international shipping needs. We ship anywhere in the world. International Mail Are Non-Guaranteed Packages: Per postal regulations your international mail packages are non-guaranteed due to insufficient tracking. PacParts Inc. is not liable if a package does not arrive.
  2. Hi Egor, I am new to the forum, and own a PX-560 for 4 days, so of course I have an opinion. PX-560 user guide page EN-92: Line IN jacks: input impedance 9.0k ohm, input voltage 200mV. Does your other keyboard user guide give its line OUT jack impedance and voltage? Or can you measure its line OUT with a volt/ohm meter . Keep being careful.