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  1. Metronome Volume

    I agree and I am curious to see if others problems will arise with "Auto resume" set to on ...
  2. Metronome Volume

    Ok, with "Auto resume" set to on, the problem is solved. Thanks to everybody ...
  3. Metronome Volume

    Thanks BradMZ and AlenK it is sufficient for me to have at least the possibility to save the metronome volume globally and not for every registration. This evening coming back at home, I will try turning on "auto resume" Thanks again
  4. Metronome Volume

    Thanks Alenk The other parameters present in the balance screen, that I have reduced (Lower 1/2 Volume and Accomp. Volume) are correctly saved and recalled in various registrations, but the metronome volume is always reset to the 127 value at switch on of the piano. I don't know if the metronome volume is a parameter associated to every registration or is a global parameter, but also in this case there should be a way to store a value to avoid re-setting it again after every power on of the piano. In the controller screen, where it is possible to set on or off the possibility to esclude recalling the various parameters, all parameters are in off state (so, all parameters are recalled). May be somebody could try on its px 560 to chang the metronome volume and see what happens at next power on ...
  5. Metronome Volume

    Hello, when I reduce the metronome volume in the balance section and then I save the current registration, at next switch on of the PX 560, the reduced metronome volume value is lost (back to 127). Is that normal or what is needed to store the metronome volume in a registration?