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  1. Steinway Grand Model D download

    I haven't loaded the Steinway B, but do have the Steinway D and find that tone very much like the description: "softer attack, slightly less dynamic, longer decay" A very nice touch, with slight differences in tone - worth a try.
  2. Use of pedals

    I purchased the three pedal unit (Casio SP-33 approx. £40), it connects via one lead to the underside of the keyboard. It sits perfectly against the back legs of my Gator Frameworks Keyboard Stand - which I have instead of the wooden frame (Casio CS-67) as I need to frequently take the keyboard elsewhere. One doesn't have to buy the wooden stand to use the three pedal unit - though I guess you could say that aesthetically it would look better - one more visible lead doesn't make much difference in my case! 😁 I'm sure you'll get great use and enjoyment from your purchase infobits.
  3. PX-560M SteinwayD

    Great addition - thank you Simone. The description in the 'About This File' is perfect. The touch is very much to my liking. Well done.
  4. How do I turn off the onboard speakers?

    System Settings: Toggle Speakers On/Off
  5. Expression Pedal EV-5 Set Up

    First time of using this forum and success! Thank you, AlenK, for directing me to the relevant video - sorted. Though I don’t know how or why the keyboard sound disappeared completely in the first instance. Many thanks.
  6. Expression Pedal EV-5 Set Up

    A complete newbie to this site, having only recently become owner of the PX-560. A bit of a panic today as no sound coming from the keyboard having plugged in a Roland EV-5 expression pedal (to the assignable jack) for the first time! I unplugged the pedal - still no sound at all. Minor desperation - switched off and on keyboard - still no sound. More desperation - tried a return to ‘Factory Default Settings’ - still no joy. Further desperation - plugged in headphones - don’t know why, just in the hope of perhaps hearing something that way. Yes! Unplugged headphones - keyboard sounding fine. So major panic over: but what have I done incorrectly? I’m a complete novice when it comes to expression pedal use (I don’t even know what position is ‘up’ and ‘down’, and the Roland manual about five sentences doesn’t seem very clear. If anyone can tell me what I did incorrectly or even better guide me through how I should set this up I’d be very grateful.