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  1. Loading midi files into PX560

    Hi Alen, Everything works fine now! But there's one strange thing: After storing the edited Midi file and leaving the mixer, I'm not able to play any normal sound. The keyboard is like dead. Auto-Accomp works but nothing else. regards
  2. Loading midi files into PX560

    Hi Alen, thanks for your answer. Everything works fine now! My fault was the wrong suffix. It was "midi" instead of "mid". By the way, can I change the midi channel assignements after loading? I couldn't find such a possibilty. For example, the drums have not the correct midi channel. Instead of drums I hear something strange. regards
  3. PX-560 Tutorials

    Thanks Alen, this is very useful. Although I'm German I'm able to understand most of it. Great job! Regards
  4. Loading midi files into PX560

    Hi Alen, thanks for your answer, but what I want is to load an external MIDI file with the suffix ".mid". I mean those files you can get for free everywhere in the internet. Regards
  5. Loading midi files into PX560

    Hi folks, I have bought the PX560 some months ago and now, after gathering some experiences, I'm wondering if it is possible to load external midi files into this DP. Second, is the newest firmware update recommended? Thanks a lot! kind regards