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  1. I appreciate the responses. Initially I just wanted to access the sounds in Garage Band for live/ rehearsal playing. As far as recording, I have found some info on recording in GB, and how to covert the AIFF file via iTunes to a .wav file and import it to Studio One, etc. If I get the connection to work, I'll try all that. Thanks again.
  2. I'll test it out and post my results.
  3. I have an older Casio WK1200 that is in perfect working order. I would like to use it as a MIDI controller connected to an Apple Mac Mini that has GarageBand loaded. The goal is to play the piano, organ, strings, etc. loaded in the GarageBand program using this keyboard and then to record to the Studio One software also loaded on the Mac Mini. I also have a MIDI In/Out to USB cable to make the connection. Is this possible? i appreciate all feededback A.S.AP.