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  1. Tweaking external sounds live

    So far I have found I am able to go to Tone 099 and it enables a mode where If I press a key on the piano it lets through the external audio signal and applies synth effects to it, IF I plug into the MIC or Instrument jack. (Losing the Stereo signal from the Mp3 player) The MIC jack the signal is really badly fuzzy, and noisey. and sadly it also is playing a super annoying note at the same time. If I plug in the INSTRUMENT IN jack. It is a clean sound at least but So far I have not been able to do any synth effects on external audio source without pressing a keyboard key. As far as the audio inputs - The stereo IN just passes through the device and cannot be affected at all it seems and this is the one I most want to work. I have already been into the EXT mixer controls and they have no effect on the external audio signal.
  2. AUDIO IN......how to do??

    " If you route it through the mixer and then into a normal DSP effect or into the filter and DSP effect of the solo synth, you don't have to hit a key to hear it." ok what are the steps to do that? I got it so that I can here sounds when I press a key but I have no idea of all the terms you are using above. Any chance of a more step by step walkthrough?
  3. Tweaking external sounds live

    I found someone who mentioned this online "Just to experiment, plug in an MP3 player, play a song and see what you can do. There is a template built into the XW to get you started, SoloSynth P:9-9 Basic& Mic IN is set up with the External Input active. But I can't seem to find the place being discussed.
  4. San Diego Tutor

    I could use a teacher who knows this specific Synth. Willing to pay for some lessons in the San Diego Area. Or perhaps something can be done via the internet. But I'd prefer in person.
  5. Tweaking external sounds live

    How Do I add effects to an external sound source? I can't seem to grasp how to make the different effect dials and faders - change any of the external sounds. Like specifically an MP3 player connected to Audio IN STEREO