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  1. Can anyone help me approximate this sound?

    Thank you.
  2. Can anyone help me approximate this sound?

    On the NewJazz videos on YouTube he plays a virtual piano that several folks have commented on the sound of his piano. He replies: NewJazz1 week ago "I use this software sound from Native Instruments: https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/keys/the-grandeur/ Then I add some high frequency room reverb, just a little, but with long sustain. In the software interface you can also put on a lot of effects like damper, hammer and sustain resonance sound - that also sounds really cool, I think. But the effects requires a lot of power from the computer..." Could anyone on the forum create an approximation of this sound on the 560M and post it to the forum? You can hear that piano in this YouTube link.
  3. Tutorial suggestions

    Most of the tutorials are about how to use the features of the 560. It would be helpful if there were tutorials on how to create something such as a personalized backing track. The 560 comes with a bunch of demo samples. It would be interesting if a tutorial took us through each demo showing step-by-step how it was made. The goal wouldn't be that we would make a demo but it would teach us the steps necessary to get something similar.